He told Nature, “If Nefertiti was buried as a pharaoh, it could be the biggest archaeological discovery ever.”. Neferti… Nefertiti's parentage is not known with certainty, but one often cited theory is that she was the daughter of Ay, later to be pharaoh. 3 Problems to Remember When Trying to Find Atlantis, The Elusive Tomb of Queen Nefertiti may lie behind the walls of Tutankhamun's Burial Chamber, Press Announcement: Radar Scans Reveal Hidden Chamber in Tutankhamun Tomb with 90 Percent Certainty, Unearthing the Ancients: Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun, conclusive evidence of the non-existence of hidden chambers adjacent to or inside Tutankhamun's tomb, Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities Announces there are NO Hidden Chambers in Tut’s Tomb, More Evidence Supports Claim Hidden Chamber in Tutankhamun Tomb Contains Another Burial, KV62, Designed to Confound: Was Tutankhamun’s Tomb built for a Female Pharaoh?—Part I, KV62, Designed to Confound: Wealth of Mysteries in the Curious Tomb of Tutankhamun—Part II, Debate Surges in Place of Discovery in Tomb of Tutankhamun. But as Gabolde's new interpretation of the genetic data shows, King Tut's mom may have been none other than his father's first cousin, Nefertiti. These factors may also suggest that the tomb is part of a larger complex or that the tomb was made for Nefertiti and Tutankhamun was hastily placed inside following his untimely death. They report they have identified a previously unknown corridor-like space a few meters from the burial chamber.”, The findings are “tremendously exciting,” Ray Johnson, an Egyptologist at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute in Luxor, Egypt, told Nature. One major problem of this theory is that neither Ay or his wife Tey are explicitly called the father and mother of Nefertiti in existing sources. What's your favourite Fairy Tales (and their possible origins), Dinner Invitations for Famous People from the Past, about KV62, Designed to Confound: Wealth of Mysteries in the Curious Tomb of Tutankhamun—Part II, about Debate Surges in Place of Discovery in Tomb of Tutankhamun, Mummy Juanita: The Sacrifice of the Inca Ice Maiden, The Wisdom of Cleopatra, the Intellectual Queen Who Could Outsmart Them All, The Helmet of Miltiades, Symbol of a Famous Ancient Greek Warrior, Ten Legendary Swords from the Ancient World, Were the Merovingians Descended from a Monster? Ancient Origins © 2013 - 2021Disclaimer - Terms of Publication - Privacy Policy & Cookies - Advertising Policy - Submissions - We Give Back - Contact us. King Tut's tomb is something of an anomaly, due to the fact that the layout and art seem to have been designed for a queen rather than a king. The tomb has become the source of great controversy nearly a century after its discovery. King Tut's tomb may hide Nefertiti's secret grave. But Eldamaty will submit a proposal to return to the site and try another method to fill in that data gap. Pride and ego hiding behind constructed political obstacles can be such a nuisance and not at all helpful to furtherance of knowledge. Has the Function of the Great Pyramid of Giza Finally Come to Light? 1 … (Nasser Nuri/ CC BY SA 2.0 ), “Cautious evaluation of the Factum Arte scans over the course of several months has yielded results which are beyond intriguing: indications of two previously unknown doorways, one set within a larger partition wall and both seemingly untouched since antiquity,”  wrote Reeves in a paper  at the time on his study of the scans. King Tut's tomb. If the investigations into King Tut's tomb reveal hidden rooms, could those chambers hold the burial of Nefertiti, the long-lost queen who is doubly connected to the teenage pharaoh? According to the archaeologist, the tomb looks like an Egyptian queen’s tomb more than the burial space for a pharaoh due to its position to the right of the entrance shaft and the smaller size. Researchers scanning the walls of King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment. A HIDDEN chamber near the tomb of King Tutankhamen may contain the long-lost remains of his mother-in-law, Queen Nefertiti. The city, which is situated on the west bank of the Nile, is world famous for its temple, which was built during the Ptolemaic period. How hard is that? WATCH: Infrared Scans of King Tut’s Tomb Hint at a Hidden Chamber November 6, 2015 - The first scans of a wall in King Tut's tomb suggest that … By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. “Clearly there is something on the other side of the north wall of the burial chamber.”, According to Nature, “some Egyptologists believe that immediately before Tut’s reign in the 14th century BC, Nefertiti, whose daughter was married to Tut, briefly ruled as pharaoh. Medical imagery of Tutankhamun shown above a replica of King Tut's skull . If so, they might add one more mummy to his intriguingly interwoven family ties. Your California Privacy Rights We've received your submission. Though exciting, Reeves’s theory has its doubters. Privacy Notice RELATED: King Tut's 'virtual autopsy' reveals surprises El Damati has always been skeptical that Nefertiti is in a chamber behind King Tut. Credit: Factum Arte Insert: The iconic bust of Nefertiti, discovered by Ludwig Borchardt, is part of the Ägyptisches Museum Berlin collection, currently on display in the Altes Museum (Public Domain), Alicia McDermott holds degrees in Anthropology, Psychology, and International Development Studies and has worked in various fields such as education, anthropology, and tourism. ( Public Domain ). A recent radar survey of King Tut’s tomb has revealed evidence of secret chambers -- and researchers believe the rooms could be the lost tomb of Egyptian queen Nefertiti. Nefertiti’s tomb has yet to be identified despite her place as one of the most sought after queens in Egyptian history. The Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities allowed tours beginning in 1962 with the exhibit at the Louvre in Paris, followed by the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art in Tokyo, Japan. Shares. This article is more than 5 years old. Nefertiti's name, Egyptian Nfr.t-jy.tj, can be translated as "The Beautiful Woman has Come". Do Not Sell My Personal Information. This antechamber was filled with King Tut’s golden chariots and hundreds of beautiful artifacts, all found in complete disarray due to ransacking by the tomb robbers in antiquity. THE THEORY OF NICHOLAS REEVES. https://www.foxnews.com/science/king-tut-tomb-nefertiti-hidden-burial-chamber But this time experts are searching from a different angle. They were unsuccessful in their endeavor and the mystery and controversy continued. Armie Hammer’s ex Courtney Vucekovich: He wanted to 'barbecue and eat' me, It seems clear whom Urban Meyer wants as the Jaguars' quarterback, Pregnant influencer's cause of death revealed, Viewers say Netflix went too far in graphic series, Air Force vet fatally shot at Capitol was in a 'throuple': reports. A recent radar survey of King Tut’s tomb has revealed evidence of secret chambers — and researchers believe the rooms could be the lost tomb of Egyptian queen Nefertiti. 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