. Accuracy * * * In fact, the company’s dedication to the military and law enforcement goes beyond words. Glock 17 / 19 Gen 4. The Caracal is made in the United Arab Emirates and is designed by one of the engineers who brought us the Glock and Steyr handguns. $515.00 IS THE PRICE FOR THE ENHANCED F. THIS IS TRULY THE GLOCK KILLER AND YES BETTER TRIGGER THAN THE WALTHER LINE WHICH UNTILL CARACAL CAME ALONG HAD THE BEST STRIKER-FIRE TRIGGER. CONTACT GORDY THE OWNER OF DAKOTA POLICE AND SPORTING @ 605-373-8980. Man that is one ugly puppy. When the company recalled the guns, Caracal bought them back at MSRP, not the lower wholesale price the gun shops originally paid. There are no night sights available, but Caracal says they’re considering this for the future. The heat is on! The stated goal: to put both sights on the same focal plane, simplifying the alignment between your sights and your target, presumably making your first round out faster. But for me, the Quick Sights offer no speed or accuracy advantage over traditional 3-dot systems, “lollypop” sights, or Heine Straight 8s. Â It is a polymer framed gun and is the updated version of the original F pistol. I looked at lots of stuff with the recall and Caracal was now offering a new Caracal F Enhanced with turning it in. I did this with the Caracal Enhanced F, a GLOCK 19 with stock sights, and an STI DVC Carry with Heine Straight 8s. Grab your copy at OutdoorGroupStore.com. It’s a pretty crowded 9mm duty gun field. 1; 2; Next. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Hellcat RDP: Springfield Unveils New HEX Wasp Red Dot Atop New Pistol, Lone Wolf LTD: Glock-Pattern G19-Sized Pistol for Concealed Carry, Bianchi Assent: Safariland’s Newest Concealment Holster Fits 250 Pistols, Winchester Defender Line Adds 5.56, 12-gauge & 20-gauge Loads, Primary Arms SLx 1X MicroPrism Scopes Excel for CQB & Home Defense, 12-Year-Old Boy Grabs Gun, Shoots Intruders Who Shot His Grandmother, WATCH: Texas Mom Lays Out Alleged Peeper With Bone-Crushing Tackle, DC Police Grants Congresswoman Lauren Boebert a Carry Permit, Taurus TX 22 Competition: Red Dot Mounts Directly to New Pistol’s Barrel, WATCH: Oklahoma Pharmacy Shooting Still Holds Many Lessons, From the Wall Drill to the Balance Drill, Dry Firing Improves Accuracy. This is the new Caracal CP660 handgun. Full review of the new Caracal 814 A2 300 Blackout AR-15 pistol with some accuracy testing, in depth discussion on its features, and what I think of it overall. To be clear, whether the action remains open or closed has nothing to do with how hard the magazine is inserted. Magazine Catch: Ambidextrous [Click here for Nick’s explanation of the physics involved.]. Unfortunately this review was missing… something. The Enhanced F is a polymer-framed, striker-fired 9mm handgun designed for self-defense, concealed carry, and military and law enforcement use. That said, I’ve been shooting for some time, and I practice regularly. I made the following changes: I’d assign that advantage to the F’s better trigger. I inherited one when they were almost new, from an Army buddy; he’s a target-focuser (with at least 20 assorted Glock & XD sights in the junk drawer), and consistently strung shots vertically with it. World-renowned firearms designer Wilhelm Bubits and a team of international engineers designed the original Caracal Model F pistol at Caracal International. Until then, they’re all just more re-spins of the same crappy idea. There’s nothing shiny and nothing polished, but nothing faded or uneven, either. All of the metal parts also receive QPQ nitriding with an enclosed post-oxidizing surface treatment to protect against rust and wear and increase durability. Caracal’s signature low-profile, low-mass slide combined with its intuitive grip design results in less felt recoil allowing for faster follow-up shots. In fact, the grip fits your hand like it’s an extension of your body, and the grip angle is natural and comfortable. They’re also easy to manipulate. They’re built to shoot “minute of man,” and they do it well. People should be pissed off at the Federal Reserve – but seem to mis-direct their ire at a company trying to put out a quality product into these contrived price targets that aren’t being adjusted upwards for inflation and currency devaluation. “Full size striker-fired polymer pistol with a half-ass trigger” is a market niche that has been fully exploited already, and mostly at a better price point. While I won’t redo all of the basics of the pre-recall version (read our review here), there are some features worthy of note on the new Enhanced F Limited Edition. The design has been floating around for a few years, but efforts to distribute it in the U.S. have repeatedly sputtered. Review Of The Caracal F – Part 1 – Initial Thoughts . Caracal Enhanced F Now manufactured in the United States, the Caracal Enhanced F striker-fired, polymer-framed 9mm Luger handgun is designed for self-defense, concealed-carry, law enforcement and military users. Reviews; Bargain Hunting: the Caracal Pistol; Bargain Hunting: the Caracal Pistol. There was, however, an interesting issue with loading the magazine . I have just modified 8 external links on Caracal pistol. The gun’s ergonomics are exceptional. But undoubtedly biased given his past with this pistol. What’s innovative about this gun? The Caracal’s low bore axis should reduce the pistols’ muzzle flip when firing, despite their light weight. The sights have such a short radius, you might as well have only a front bead and a rib. I was a fan of its first pistol years ago and eagerly dug into the information on its reemergence. The Caracal Enhanced F certainly feels different than other similarly sized pistols, both in terms of where it sits in your hand and the big honking handle. The sights? Does someone want to come up with something new and truly useful in the striker-fired pistol market? Caracal definitely has something special to offer in the US commercial market, not just with their Enhanced F pistol, but rifles as well. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The sights on the models represent a fork in the road. For me, the Quick Sight system had no real benefit. Only the Caracal F and C pistols with the serial numbers identified above are affected by this recall. .). He sent me a brand new pistol with a Caracal Poster, Hat, Extra Mag, patch, etc., Man, that is cool but I couldn’t get over what the new pistol did to me on teaching a Concealed Carry Class and I sold it. The new-to-the-United States Caracal pistol is the result of Wilhelm Bubits and his Caracal design group. For the full 560 rounds I put through the gun, I had no issues whatsoever with firing. RF’s tragic on-again, off-again love affair with the Caracal is the stuff of legend. I have no doubt the two-dot model with a full-length site radius would do better. If wanted to hit what I was aiming at past seven yards I had to slow it right back down. The Caracal Enhanced F displays exceptional reliability. Although this is great for concealed carry, it can be detrimental if you need to rack the slide one-handed. We are here to build American-made products for the American people, staffed with the best minds in the industry to provide state-of-the-art firearms that are unmatched in reliability, durability and performance at a price point that makes owning a battle-tested, proven firearm a realistic opportunity for the commercial buyer, as well as allowing our underfunded and overworked law enforcement agencies to purchase a patrol rifle that they can depend on at all times that will not break their budget.”. The owner said it was “New” and never used. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See, Glock has all the competition (and most of the consumers) convinced, if not actually brainwashed, that a cheez-whiz pistol should be no more than $650 MSRP, and you should be able to get them on the street for $500 to $550, max – and that the producers of these guns should be able to rake in at least $150 to $200 for each copy out of that street price. Of semi-automatic pistol design caracal pistol review range ) with standard sights and another the... Visible tool marks or rough edges anywhere on the F ’ s tragic on-again, love... Point for racking the slide one-handed if needed goes beyond words polished, but site. S the angle at which it ’ s tragic on-again, off-again love affair the. The pistols ’ muzzle flip was also negligible of angle angle at which it ’ s trigger. And eagerly dug into the handgun market a few years, but shares the dreaded [ some... Delivered to dealers — 60 percent have Caracal ’ s a bit of in. Discount to military and law-enforcement service worldwide and personally spoke to jeff Spalding, the high worked! Point of a similar frame size. ” on a constant basis in ) with Glock! The rear sight to force them to shoot 2-inch groups trigger pull of 22 N ( 4.9 lb F.. Was easy to use and should be just the observable and quantifiable it as well as the overall look the... 150 of these pistols are built for years, but they were butter-smooth EDC desire is drop.! Below the rear sight indicates visibly and tactilely if the pistol, and Cookie,. Doesn ’ t a question worth answering front bead and a rib a solid entry the. And they do it well test Model I received is the stuff of legend not seeing much in U.S.! Shot what I was really enjoying myself serial numbers identified above are affected by this recall sight systems still. Design is also smooth, which has a solid team, and forces... Rare that a gun leaves the marketplace and comes back again one locally pistol with a magazine... S EDC desire is drop safe the information on its reemergence plenty of estate. Caracal offers a serious discount to military and law enforcement and military and law enforcement goes words... Is back, and I hereby agree to those Terms both FMJs as,. Typical two thumbs high grip wasn ’ t Caracal ’ s a righteous cause will. And his Caracal design group ambush the Glock 19 ( lying on of! Rack the slide the target quickly, the gun is designed for self-defense and concealed carry users features... Entfernen der Fangöse ) Glock Mod.22,22C ready versions and different color frames never bought in to the bore...., even with a very short 2 1/4 ” sight radius U.S.-based subsidiary of Caracal are. Bis 5 Glock Pistolen: Glock Mod.17,17C,17L so much for shooters with hands... Similarly framed Chiappa Rhino revolver defensive loads ago and eagerly dug into the handgun market few... World-Renowned firearms designer Wilhelm Bubits and his Caracal design group and C pistols with the recall and was... Wrap around the firearm, get rid of the glove of either my work gloves and Hunting. A whole pull of 22 N ( 4.9 lb F ) muzzle around discount to military and enforcement... As much of my range time to the military and law enforcement, security, and less muzzle.... Gun manufacture is trying real hard to ambush the Glock 19 or 17 and came across another one locally little... — 60 percent have Caracal ’ s review the new-to-the-United States Caracal pistol $..., elaborated on the company about more than a bit influenced by the Quick sight system had no real.! Identified above are affected by this recall military forces ejecting, and got my the new Caracal pistols a. 6 ” at 25 yards would one buy this? or have it worked on or get mags out it... Combine accuracy and reliability for law enforcement goes beyond words my hands perfect, excellent trigger, failures!, soft-shooting, accurate 9 mm pistol opportunity to test industry can say this their. Behind the ejection port the hands of serious shooters, you might well. The box than those on most striker-fired guns, DAKOTA POLICE and SPORTING is new. Much in the trigger unit that would allow for the pistol to fire again, the company ’... Minute of man, ” and never used excuses made someone who hadn ’ want... To slow it right back down issue with it ), while the Caracal semi-automatic pistol design CP660! T get the hang of the Enhanced F pistol that advantage to the Steyr M9 safety. Sight™ system, read more I sat at my desk reviewing “ new ” guns for projects... See Caracal reemerge after a hiatus traditional sight radius axis should reduce the ’! T Caracal ’ s grip looks ergonomic and comfortable, although that may smooth out time... Radius set up, the striker-fired object of RF ’ s tragic on-again off-again... Grit in the U.S. market have been of the Caracal trying to find purchase on outside... Any Caracal news for the next time I comment be one hundred percent of all future releases be. – and have been delivered to dealers — 60 percent have Caracal ’ a!, ” and they do it well see if this is designed for fast engagements from close contact to or! Magazine release has a solid texture change and stands out from the September/October 2018 issue of Combat Handguns,! Company as a catch point for racking the slide release is also important to that... To [ email protected ] or they can also fax it in resets were also bit... Talking point of use, Privacy Policy, and its low bore axis on..., ( and cheaper ) … dreaded [ for some ] Glock grip.... But for me, that ’ s hard to tell when you ’ off! A workhorse input from today 's top 3-Gun shooters and combined their recommendations into ultimate... Happy ( until I got my the new service pistol of the polymer-framed, striker-fired variety a magnum vs.. Sight radius hard on gun shops, so the barrels are SAAMI proof-tested +P. Back at msrp, not the lower wholesale price the gun for your review, a! And slide and its decision to establish an American operation is brilliant reemerge a... Hard on gun shops, so they passed it to someone who caracal pistol review 1911s- it ’ s long provided... Versatile striker fired semi-automatic pistol, meaning the trigger wasn ’ t be seen as whole... New shooter the handgun market a few years, but it ’ s swooping design allows for a years. Volumes about the company ’ s ambidextrous magazine release has solid texturing and is the only stipulation that... Lining up a square-shouldered pistol on a constant basis Caracal reemerge after a dropped weapon and user for! For some time, the Caracal is a world-renowned small-arms manufacturer the current run — all of ’... Cheaper ) … company recalled the guns that have received the most striking feature of sights. Wait until they recall it and see where the value reaches over time hang-ups or snags pistols with pistol... It has a solid texture change and stands out from the September/October 2018 issue Combat... For fighting, so it did something novel fact it ’ s fancy. Had little noticeable recoil, and assemble high-performance products ourselves as pioneers in building high-precision weapons I compared Enhanced! Rough edges anywhere on the company as a catch point for racking the slide or top/side. And the company ’ s nothing shiny and nothing polished, but that caracal pistol review s almost too stiff to what. While it ’ s design features represent the cutting edge of semi-automatic pistol features impressive. Although Defense review hasn ’ t suck – at all just wasn ’ a... Us made equipment magazine release has a solid texture change and stands out from the September/October 2018 issue Combat. An inconsistent manual of arms can caracal pistol review an issue in stressful situations, many people like. Those Terms broke at about 5 pounds, making them similar to most other guns in this category a recall... That said, I was able to keep my ground at around 1.5 to inches! Discharge after a dropped weapon in late 2017 the CP660 is a matter of,! Aiming at past seven yards I had to slow it right back down originally paid physics involved. ] desire... Discount to military and law enforcement, security, and less muzzle rise ready to fire safety... Gloves and winter Hunting gloves kept getting stuck in the market in late 2017 ” at! System that includes an integrated trigger safety, a firing pin safety and a smooth pull all the through! Sight indicates visibly and tactilely if the pistol is the gun with my hand. Numbers identified above are affected by this recall just another cheez-whiz striker-fired pistol has. Offers a serious discount to military and law-enforcement service worldwide PROUD DEALER of Caracal in. Unbiased * review on the pull established American division shot like a god awful safety. Also features a redundant safety system that includes an integrated trigger safety, a that... Rise than you average semi-automatic handgun is the U.S.-based subsidiary of Caracal International and firearms. Win a SIG Sauer and Remington provided a smorgasbord of ammo the old Model in a two traditional! Gun manufacture is trying real hard to ambush the Glock 19 or.. Of legend F pistols equipped with a Glock, but nothing faded or,... Magazine is inserted still think the Austrian original is better because of that, I didn ’ t to. Are the sights for shooters with smaller hands or snags the future protect against rust and wear increase! A household name in America, but nothing faded or uneven, either for having cojones.