Sharon P. Banta, a registered dietitian based in Brooklyn, New York, agrees. The same can't be said of these surprising foods with over 20 grams of sugar! Any carton whose sugar content was lowered due to health-harming artificial sweeteners was immediately sent to the "worst" list. No artificially-sweetened yogurts made it on this list. Review: Probably the most popular brand and my personal favorite, Chobani comes in so many flavors that it takes longer to decide which kind to buy than to actually eat the damn things. chobani has more calories than danon, but less sugar. Nutrition per 4 oz serving: 60 calories, 0 g fat (0 g saturated fat), 70 mg sodium, 10 g carbs (2 g fiber, 6 g sugar), 4 g protein, Calcium 15%. Protein helps you to burn fat. In fact, this little pot packs more sugar than you'll find in a Double Chocolate Glazed Cake Donut from Dunkin' Donuts. We figured vanilla would be a good indicator of how heavily brands sweeten their cartons. You're left with a more protein-rich yogurt, like this one from yogurt brand Stonyfield. And if that's not something you can feel good about, maybe the amazing taste of Maple Hill Creamery's yogurt is. (That's right, Greek yogurt isn't the only foreign yogurt; there's also European, Mediterranean, Australian, Icelandic, and American!) If you do want to pick up a vanilla from Wallaby, go with their plain vanilla. Love the Black Cherry Chobani. Image zoom Credit: Chobani Like the other Icelandic yogurts in the market, Icelandic Provisions only uses milk from responsible dairy farms where cattle are grass-fed. The Chobani is healthier, having more to do with the lower sugar and higher protein while still being low in calories. ☺ I guess I’m … It's lightly sweetened, but we wish there was a little less fat and calories and a little more protein. Nutrition per 5.5 oz serving: 190 calories, 13 g fat (8 g saturated fat), 75 mg sodium, 11 g carbs (0 g fiber, 10 g sugar), 5 g protein, Calcium 15%, Vitamin A 10%. ah wow! Chobani. GET CHOBANI FIT. Nutrition per 5 oz serving: 150 calories, 5 g fat (4 g saturated fat), 20 mg sodium, 12 g carbs (1 g fiber, 10 g sugar), 15 g protein, Calcium 10%. In fact, it can be made with just two ingredients: milk and cultures. Nutrition per 6 oz serving: 130 calories, 6 g fat (3.5 g saturated fat), 110 mg sodium, 18 g carbs (0 g fiber, 18 g sugar), 7 g protein, Calcium 25%. Ingredients. Nutrition per 8 oz serving: 200 calories, 8 g fat (5 g saturated fat), 100 mg sodium, 17 g carbs (4 g fiber, 7 g sugar), 21 g protein, Calcium 20%. 25. And while your mind is still on breakfast, don't miss these drool-worthy best overnight oats recipes. $1.32 / 100G . It's not our favorite option, but it's one of the best yogurts from Yoplait. They found a place on our worst list because of what we consider to be the unnecessary addition of a potentially carcinogen-containing ingredient: caramel color. And because some manufacturers cram as much sugar and artificial ingredients into these containers as they do into a bag of Sour Patch Kids, it's not wise to pick up whichever yogurt first catches your eye. Nutrition per 6 oz serving: 150 calories, 7 g fat (4.5 g saturated fat), 80 mg sodium, 15 g carbs (0 g fiber, 15 g sugar), 6 g protein, Calcium 20%. Nutrition per 5.3 oz serving: 130 calories, 2 g fat (1.5 g saturated fat), 90 mg sodium, 22 g carbs (0 g fiber, 22 g sugar), 7 g protein, Calcium 25%. And, finally, because the Icelandic technique to make skyr requires straining off most of the water, this is a decadent, dense, creamy yogurt that's high in protein and calcium and low in sugar.