I need more information. Novelties, free patterns, knitting and crochet tricks and tips for all levels! Knitting is simple and chic now. Hit enter for more results. collection. Ideal for creating an extraordinary, unique, and truly one-of-a-kind item. Type to search products, … Our mission statement is to promote interest, appreciation, education, and fellowship in the art of knitting. New patterns every month, for knitters, crocheters, everyone is invited from beginners to advanced! 14 days to return your order. Knitting designers have taken their businesses online, where they can connect with thousands of customers around the country and the world, including aspiring test knitters. First I would have to see the knitting pattern you are looking at before I can figure out what kw3 means. OR, CONTACT OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE THROUGH THE FORM BELOW AND WE'LL GET BACK TO YOU WITHIN 48 HOURS. Keep yourself updated! This is the wool that started it all, and can help you get started on your next knitting project! Anything you might want to knit you’ll find it here. 4 talking about this. Materials: Worsted Weight (#4) Yarn ( White/Gray, Green, Red, Brown) Crochet Thread – Yellow (for the Star) Beginner kits contains everything you need to make your project: the skeins, the needles, the super-easy-to-follow and step-by-step pattern, the sewing needle and a little WAK tag to sew at the end. Patterns available as kits only.. Add to Favorites Light Grey Merino We Are Knitters Meri Wool Yarn - … I love their cotton, but this wool BLOWS MY MIND. Hit enter for more results. I also used the beginner knitting guide from Blissfully Crafted which I wholeheartedly recommend to newbie knitters as she explains everything in a lot more detail. Crochet cotton basket. Here at We Are Knitters we believe in the power of knitting to enrich the lives of everyone that comes across their first set of needles. The skeins. We use tecnical cookies required for our website to work, and other publicitary cookies to improve your browsing experience. weareknitters.com. + info. Stores and Brand. Get the scoop first and get $12 and a free pattern. How to make macramé fringe. Didn't find your answer? how to knit in the round using the “magic loop” Circular Needles,Circular knitting needles,knitting knit,knit kit,kit to learn how to knit, learn to knit kit, knitting kit, knitting started kit, get started knitting, learn knitting, begin knitting, You can find all the details for the giveaway at the bottom of this post. All the patterns are available in different sizes and the knitting kits and crochet kits include everything you need to start a new project! The wool comes from Uruguay. It is one of the finest wools in the world due to the living conditions of the sheep. 3 talking about this. Chunky 100% natural Wool from the Andean highlands. Lv 7. I'm a fan of We Are Knitters. Get the scoop first and get $12 and a free pattern. Please, select which cookies allow. We are specialized on people like you. As you progress in skill, you can add signature touches to your knit items like unique knitting stitches, cabled embellishments, or finished trims. My Order. You can see all of their kits HERE! Knit them. You haven't given us enough information to be able to answer it. Website Language Available languages English German Spanish French Italian and 1 other... Notes. 100% natural fibers. These knitters gladly test patterns in exchange for some swag — often a finished copy of the pattern, additiona… We are an international online fashion company that provides knitters throughout Europe, the US, and Canada with top-quality products. Most patterns are available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French. Find your kit. Outstanding quality, 100% wool and 100% softness - all the way from Peru. Happy Mother’s Day! Trendy colors. 4.5 out of 5 stars (468) 468 reviews $ 5.00. Women knitting and crochet kits from beginner to advanced levels. Knitting. Knitters world. If you like to knit, you're one of us, no matter where you live or your experience level! 1,264 talking about this. 2,088 talking about this. WE ARE KNITTERS is a 100% wool and cotton knitting kits brand for modern and cosmopolitan people. Includes all you need to knit or crochet! Style #6 Matching Self-Material Byron Collar *Style #4: 1- or 2-Color Wool Byron Collar Contrasts Body Style #5: Leather Byron Collar Style #15: Byron Collar, Wool Upside, Leather Underside Website weareknitters.com The stitch we are going to show you today is directed to beginner knitters who want to venture into new stitch combinations, as well as to those more experienced knitters that want to knit one of those simple combinations that create surprising texture, to give an original touch to any project.