We have stopped eating our beloved Jujubes! Jujubes Memories. So they’re basically little floral pastilles that are slightly soft. I love Jujyfruits! Can you tell me where I can find them. So flavorless and difficult to eat. I hope someday you’ll go back to the original recipe. OH BOY! Bring back the old juju bees. I can say they were soft and chewy. I actually couldn’t eat the other two boxes I bought. Can you help??? How dare they. But Jujyfruits come in fun shapes like asparagus, tomato, grape bundle, banana, pineapple, raspberry & pea pod. Until then where can I find old Jujubes? Jujyfruits are classic, chewy sensations bursting with flavor! I am so sad. Wayne Bradshaw on 2/13/16 at 3:01 pm, Comment by His favorite flavors were also the licorice and spearmint! 4.6 out of 5 stars 303. Lately—in the past couple of months or so, I have noticed some inconsistency in the texture, which is my favorite part of the candy. Bought a box for the first time at CVS. But whatever Farley’s & Sather is making now is not my beloved jujubes. The origins of this candy stretch all the way back to 1920. I too have been eating JuJubes for more than 40 some years and was very disappointed when I put them in my Christmas stocking as a treat for me only to find I had “another” soft, stale, crappy tasting box! I too have loved Jujubes since I was a child way back in the late 1970’s. Overall, neither are candy I’m likely to buy or consume, but it was fun to revisit them and I’m glad they’re still around and have their ardent admirers. They replied to my inquiring and have no plans to go back to the old formulas. Jujyfruits have been around since the 1920s. We would collect a few pop bottles, and trade them in at a Delicatessen, just a short bike ride from my house. But ever since Farley and Sather’s took over Heide products they changed them. I really hate the waxy out coating. They were black hard licorice. I will never but them again unless they use the old formula, yuk! Too many changes and not for the good. Bill on 12/20/15 at 10:09 am, Comment by lovecandy on 11/03/12 at 4:11 am, Comment by The new ones you can just chew up, they won’t get stuck in your teeth or hold your jaw together. They were my all-time favorite movie candy. Henry Heide would not be happy! The taste is totally different too. I’d love to give them a try, for all I know, I could be eating stale Jujubes! I loved jujubies as a kid and loved them now until you changed them! I know what’s going in our Christmas stockings this year. The recipe called for gum arabic, sugar, and the date-like jujube fruit. 10. I want my teeth to stick together on a shiny smooth bead with the unusual taste of rose hips. I remember Jujyfruits and Jujubes. James J on 1/29/16 at 8:12 pm, Comment by They are indeed closer to the old original formula. I always want to try what you’ve just posted - the pics and descriptions are so gorgeous. We apologize for any inconvenience that this incident may have caused but would like to thank you for your comments and concerns regarding this product. The older Jujubes for some reason reminded me of soap in their taste but I still liked them. Great candy! Bring back the OLD JUJUBES!! Why????? Love them! THANK YOU. Jujyfruits Memories. I have no favorite candy any longer and I am quite disappointed. I found that the Italian Putini candies are a nice alternative, but they are much pricier and individually wrapped. Roland Lataille on 12/21/15 at 2:54 pm, Comment by ), green ‘dots’ and black upside down jelly moulds. The gummy, sticky, firm quality is gone and now they oddly fall apart and are chunky and as someone else said, pastey. Jujubes are clear and hard. Bart G on 8/20/13 at 1:51 pm, Comment by Travis on 12/22/15 at 8:35 am, Comment by About 10 years ago a company began selling it again by the bag and I was in heaven…for a while…can’t find it anywhere. I have purchased boxes from several production dates and they are all the same crappy texture and flavor. But the “new” formula has helped me kick the habit! $9.50. Everything else is a gummy, like one of the former posters said, you can get the gummy candies anywhere—why compete when you are UNIQUE??!! Found this site with good hints on how to eat. I am sooo upset I bought a box of jujyfruits. They not worth eating. They were soft and discusting, I really hope you bring back to old recipie, they were my favorite! Davina on 9/24/09 at 9:24 am, Comment by I just purchased a new box of Jujubes and they are almost normal. They kinda crumble. I dont mind some black but this was to much. That was rarely the case, and in the cardboard box without a barrier film liner they would harden fairly rapidly on the shelf. I think they listen to the old timers. I’m going to pick those out and give the rest away. They may be putting them out as a “nostalgia” candy, but those of us who have a lifelong affection for this product have spoken. Get them at your local farmers' market. We used to buy them at Walgreens, but they are not carried there anymore. Letter received from company after sending them a link to this thread. They’re just lovely to look at and because of their durable and inert nature, I feel fine leaving them sitting out on my desk without worrying about anyone eating them or them getting any staler. I’d be forever grateful! Try CVS, but they’ve been out the last few times i’ve gone in there, too. You have changed the recipe. Some companies really know how to mess up a good thing. Just the label/name changed, same font. Never again they—ruined my favorite candy. (more), All content (text and photos unless otherwise credited) is copyright 2005-2021 by Cybele May. I really mean it too. So I would then buy some at any store that sold then, try one, and throw the rest away. Jujubes were always soft and springy if you managed to get get a box that was fresh. I hope that they correct their recipe or whatever is needed soon. Please bring back the old recipe! About This Item. thirty66 1 year ago. Jujyfruits, on the other hand, are probably my favorite candy ever! Lawrence Moderno on 11/02/13 at 3:21 pm, Comment by Pronunciation of jujube with 3 audio pronunciations, 16 synonyms, 2 meanings, 9 translations, 2 sentences and more for jujube. I believe that CVS still carries Jujubes. Then I bite off little strips and swallow them. I asked which candy it was from and they didn’t want to say except that it sounded like it was a fruit candy from another branded company that they manufacture for. (Kind of like Chuckles which are also made by Farley’s & Sathers now.). But in 1995 they sold out to Hershey’s. I sure enjoyed eating them. They have changed the formula and Ruined my favorite candy. I remember jujubes as one of my all time favorite candies to eat at the movies. 78. $28.00 $ 28. This defective version will not be acceptable to us, and will not win a new generation of loyalists. HANK SCHOENWETTER on 4/05/09 at 3:40 pm, Comment by But…I still loved them. Leo Baffrey on 8/10/15 at 11:33 am, Comment by I listen to what others have said and purchased a box dated 8/3/17 and they are the real thing. Just a follow up to my question about the random shape (2 posts up). I sucked them until they were soft and melty and they still stuck to my teeth. Chewy, fruity jujubes. I found that the old Jujubes you could bite gently and get a lot of flavor without getting them stuck in your teeth. If anyone knows what’s going on here please tell us!!!!! Heide’s candies reformulated all their candies in 1974. I wrote to them & got same letter Marg did in Aug post. The shape is not the same either. How he doesnt get the stuck in his teeth for the rest of his life.. i dont know! My box is “BEST BY 9/23/17. Hearing from our consumers better enables us to continue to provide quality products and services. Does anyone remember the sister candy to Jujyfruits call “Berries”? Hearing from our consumers better enables us to continue to provide quality products and services. See and discover other items: chewy candy, movie theater snack boxes. How soft are you Canadian Jujubes? When I discovered they were changed I was a bit perplexed at first wondering why but am now addicted to the new chew. Carol DeNuzzo on 8/24/11 at 12:01 pm, Comment by The new ones suck. I was disappointed to find that they were not the same as what I distinctly remember. Thank you. I am so glad to find that there are people experiencing the same disappointment about their favorite candy!! It cost me $50.46. I hope to see a new box labeled “Original Jujubes”. 4.4. I won’t ever but another box again. They must have listened to the many comments posted. But I get to have my Dots and Jujyfruits; someone else can have their Jujubes. But think again! Let’s all take a break with KitKat on this episode of Candyology 101. ITaX Trovo Series#8 | Patience, Solar, INno & Zest [Alpha Pro Series] TIME vs DRG ITaX Ultimate Battles#1 - TY vs Solar (BO.11) 2021 NA Apprentice $9,000 WardiTV 2021. They’re chewy and pretty flavorful, though lacking in any tangy notes, it’s all sweet. Store in zip bags, I had enough to last a couple of months. 8 talking about this. Jujubees are the little dense pellets, and Jujyfruits are the larger, yet equally sticky and gnarly big brother: There’s a lot going for Jujyfruits. I thought about all you candy bloggers while I was enjoying a childhood candy. I thought I was the only one to notice that something was wrong with my last two purchases of Jujubes. I recently saw them for sale and bought a box. So I ordered it on line just like I have done before no problem, but this time the Jujubees are not the same. I contacted F&S and they were very nice, sent me a couple coupons and told me that the equipment they use gets used for several different lines and probably another candy got in there by mistake. Jujubes are gone forever. As others have previously mentioned, I’ve always enjoyed taking a few of the old, hard and sticky Jujubes and sucking on them until they softened slightly, and them chewing them until they melted from my molars. It could be the formulation. The candy is not good. $5.70 $ 5. Babs on 12/27/15 at 10:37 am, Comment by so what is the juju in jujubes and jujyfruits? Too bad…jujubes used to be my guilty pleasure. I chew them into little pieces with my front teeth. I like the hard clear flavorful recipe of the old jujube, I grew up next door to the Heide’s in Martinsville, NJ. Never was a jujyfruit fan, and a slightly harder, mini version isn’t enticing at all. Quality control has always been an issue. Finally got a decent box today and they’re better just not quite like the old ones…but they’ll do. Jujyfruits have been around since the 1920s. Long lasting, they are the perfect Movie candy. What’s particularly odd about Jujyfruits is that they’re less fruit flavored and more vegetable-oriented: asparagus (which I always thought was a little corncob), banana (the one that says Heide), grapes, pea pod, pineapple, raspberry and tomato (which I thought was the bottom of a bell pepper or just a flower). This softer texture of it is purely disgusting. Ferrara Candy Company strive to maintain consistency in each batch of Jujubes produced. The JuJuBees that I have enjoyed since the mid 50’s are no longer the candy that I couldn’t stop eating. I like Jujubes and appreciate the fact that a serving (as indicated on the box) is 120 calories and includes 46 pieces! Traductions en contexte de "Jujyfruits" en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : If you got into a car accident I can guarantee you I wouldn't stop for Jujyfruits. Thanks for asking Ferrara. Anyone know how I can get a list so I can pin point what could have done this to her? OMG like jujubees are like so stale…like how could anyone eat these.. like i am so sure. AusteN on 1/26/15 at 3:40 pm, Comment by I had also complained to the manufacturer. Oops, sorry for the language…I’m actually ticked off at someone right now. I think they are manufacturing them at different factories..  i agree you can find originals and then the next batch is soft. I’ve missed the old recipe and can’t wait to pop them in my mouth. I am looking for a pillow or some kind of novelity that has the Jujube insignia on it. But the name of the berry has nothing to do with the make-up of the candy, which is more likely related to one of the basic ingredients of both Jujubes and Jujyfruits, ju-ju gum. When they get it right, they are a little softer then the original formula. JuJubes are too hard and not as flavorful as they could be. Thank-You. The JuJuBe’s I bought today with an good till date of Aug,03,2017 are the originals. I MISS MY HARD JUJUBEES…PLEASE BRING THEM BACK…..THANK YOU. Bring back the hard candy original jujubes. The are not close to the original… Very disappointing. I want it for a 3 year old little girl with special needs whose her name is Julia and they call her Jujube. working setting pins in a bowling alley. (Andrew and Elanor) They were a kind, if a bit aloof couple; they kept an apartment in NYC and had a three car garage where they kept their three Mercedes Benz automobiles. Today’s Jujubes are way too soft for me and way too bright. The only Jujubes are the rock hard ones. Now maybe the box will last longer than an hour now that they are back in the original form. No more at RiteAid any longer - the stop on the shelf is gone. Heidi’s company, which took his name, had actually be… Well I see we’re not the only ones that noticed the new Jujubes suck. I wondered why I would get a box here and there—-was it Walgreens, where I usually got them? I loved the dark red and green ones the best. Both used to have a nice clear sheen on them. If you never enjoyed the rock-hard, soapy, bland flavored mini-cylinders that they were, you won’t understand. The current box is rather, I don’t know, primitive looking. FREE Shipping. $16.30. Not good and again I am very disappointed. I buy about 3 or so boxes a week from Wallgreens. So why do these unnatural candies have the same name as a natural exotic fruit that’s loaded with health benefits? I’m over it. Ron Ritter on 12/02/15 at 4:23 am, Comment by Michaela on 7/24/07 at 9:39 am, Comment by Jujyfruits a commencé la production en 1920. JuJu Bees are gone forever for me. And I really haven’t been able to find them anywhere else at all. They’re sticky and can leave big hunks congealed to the sides of molars. I don’t taste soapy though and I don’t really taste the flavors listed on the box either: Violet, Lilac, Lime, Wild Cherry, and Lemon. At the end of the last millennium, a customer survey revealed that the original spearmint green Jujyfruit was not popular enough and was replaced with lime. JuJuBe Be Sporty Backpack/Diaper Bag Rose Collection, Knight Rose, One Size . (I was still trying to figure out what flavor purple was before I read this. I recently wrote the company about the “new” Jujube recipe, which to me is anything but.