According to 343 Guilty Spark, The Librarian is alive, and he knows where to find her. The Prophets decided to unplug Mendicant Bias and propagate the idea that humans were all blasphemers and heretics and that it was the Covenant's duty to wipe them out. Didact. This might sound confusing, but there were two Didacts alive at one point. He pulled the trigger and watched the power gauge fill up. The Didact, born Shadow-of-Sundered-Star, (voiced by Keith Szarabajka) is a Forerunner military leader and the Halo 4's main antagonist. It is partially due to Bias' betrayal that the Forerunners lost and had to activate the … 100,043 BC: MENDICANT BIAS. - - - - - Masterchief heard the AI's words in his Comm channels, only him though, now he knew what Mendicant Bias had meant by helping him in an unseen way. Looking back at the terminals, relistening to Halo: Rebirth (a audio log you can unlock by using the code that comes with Halo Silentium) I came upon the nugget of information that tells of trial of Mendicant Bias after his defeat by Offensive Bias. Having Cortana and Mendicant Bias be the foil through which the Ur-Didact realises that he can reject the madness thrust upon him and become the noble teacher once again would be an excellent way to tie up his arc. Not entirely sure what happened here. The Forerunner artificial intelligence Mendicant Bias awakens and reveals to three Covenant politicians that the "relics" are in fact the humans themselves—Bias identifies them as descendants of his makers. Mendicant Bias is kept alive by the “Iso” Didact due to his knowledge of the Flood. This has also been said of the Precursors. All of a sudden I am falling through the map. Is a Crapshoot: Unlike Mendicant Bias, Offensive Bias is loyal to the Forerunners. However, as the Ark survived the firing, albeit badly damaged, Mendicant Bias may have survived as well. The books were released in hardcover, e-book, paperback, and audiobook. Foil: To Mendicant Bias. Mendicant Bias smiled sadly, 'And now we die.' It has been said that the remaining Forerunners made an exodus out of the Milky Way Galaxy to which no one knows their current fate. A.I. Mendicant Bias was the beating heart of the Didact’s strategy to combat the Flood, the one who would coordinate the entire defence system from Shield World-to-Shield World, across fleet-to-fleet. It's over in seconds. Halo 07 is test-fired, freeing the last surviving Precursor sealed away millennia earlier by Humanity. I reloaded my save, because I never died...just kept falling. He is recaptured and imprisoned on Halo … Unfortunately, a Flood Gravemind was able to corrupt Mendicant Bias, turning him against his creators. This revelation would have destroyed the religion that was the foundation of the Covenant. It is placed in charge of Halo 07 and tasked with hunting the Flood Gravemind. The Didact created Mendicant Bias after all, and he too defected to the Flood and later sought atonement for his betrayal. He hefted the Spartan Laser and smiled as the Monitor's body fit the reticle perfectly. I was in the 19th test chamber, I paused the game to go do something, came back and fired off a Blue Portal. Forerunners create the Mendicant Bias AI to combat the Flood. That is a lot of stock to throw into this one particular ancilla, however powerful it was. Humans, Mendicant Bias said, were to be the "Reclaimers" of the Forerunners' legacy. Curb-Stomp Battle: The battle with Mendicant Bias after the Halo Array fired. Badass Boast: The quote above is not a boast, it's an actual fact! And it seemed that whenever I fired a Blue Portal on the opposite side of the map I fell through the floor. The Forerunner Saga is a trilogy of science fiction novels by Greg Bear, based on the Halo series of video games.The books in the series are Halo: Cryptum (2011), Primordium (2012), and Silentium (2013).