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The name, "Great Lakes Region" was derived from the fresh water lakes and river basins within the Central and Eastern part of Africa.However, the term now refers to a region with interlinked conflicts and common fundamental problems that emanate from pos… “The politics of Integration in East Africa Since Independence” in Walter O. Oyugi (ed. Over the last two decades, Kenya has actively participated in regional integration through various regional trading arrangements including the East African Community (EAC), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), and the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and lately the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA) and the African A majority of East African Region citizens does not understand regional integration and the East African Community integration agenda. “Theorizing European Integration: Revisiting Neo-functionalism and Testing its Suitability for Explaining the Development of EC Competition Policy”, accessed from, Mengisteab, T. (June 15, 2011). 4 Cultural Centralization. Political economy of regional integration 24 Infographic: Moving Across East Africa 28 Intervention strategies and policies to strengthen regional integration 33 Notes 35 References 36 Annexes 39 Statistical annex 45 Boxes 1 The diversity of East Africa 6 2 Progress toward the African Continental Free Trade Area in East Africa 18 Omoro, A. (1989). Ahmadou, N. (July 28, 2010). Puchala J. Donald (1999). “Regional Integration Study of East Africa. “The Potential Role of the EAC in promoting Constitutionalism in the Region”. regional integration is ‘signifi cantly challenged’ as an approach to the sustainable development of economies. (2011, August 28). 4 Regional integration journey in Africa. In reality the question of regional integration is also related to an extraordinary variety of economic, political and socio-cultural issues. Ngeno, N. and G. 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REGIONAL INTEGRATION IN AFRICA: THE CHALLENGES AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF INTERGOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITY ON DEVELOPMENT (IGAD) Ipinmoye Ayodele Olu* & Saleh Dauda** Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Abuja, Abuja Abstract: This paper examines the concept of regional integration as a process in which (2008). Home to 5.5 percentage of the world's population and 3.9 percentage of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the region's share of … Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips. “Africa Regional Blocks: Unifying or Dividing”, African Executive, December 12, 200, p. 13. Raheem A. Tajudeen (2006). 3, pp. History shows that many states across the globe enter into regional agreements for economic purposes. “Turkey and Greece, Part 1: The Aegean”, Foreign Policy Association, accessed from, Croome, P. (March 26, 2011). © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Onyango J. 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Marks (November 24, 2009). ÷/—é'°†“½Ÿv¯Œ£ý誎óÃýlÌ/µQ¿`¶cî™Áî;éû5³C;å{ë‡~ÓN¶Ÿîôÿ_RßfÓkÝ@v­:‹Õœdݺcîw„ÕžL;å–ù[ÇõïLê^6èdê _IÍßaçÿ–{ð¿v¼Ýy¿ÛéçÚ_ªÕÈ®íz¿Æ’rϬ³~—¾”íWMge'Ӈò Kÿ-÷üWÆ»ådëª7²}ë‰ÏP]Åz©7³Œì½Xõ¿:¾îԝºSwêNÿ=I¹ž›N¶.ï`½µ6=ØnEÏ®ÖodWuµÿ+IM8þ3dd|ËXñoéGYÄÎÖþ«ãùµ¤bÿ¿ìÿߙð9yA„ËÿÃã. “Pan African Parliament and the Potential for Development of a Strong Continental Legislative”, accessed from. “Institutionalism, Intergovernmentalism and European integration: A Review Article”. Answers (1) What are the challenges encountered by African Union(AU)? Hettne, B., A. Inotai and O. Sunkel (eds) (1999). Cite as. Adar G. Korwa (2008). “Who owns the EAC?”, Presentation at DENVIA Public Dialogue on the EAC. “Give The EAC an Efficient Transport System and Free Trade to Eradicate Poverty”. For regional integration in Africa to be a success, Africa’s leaders will have to move beyond grand gestures and abstract visions. and Trade Division, UNECA. In 1905 a currency board was established, creating a common currency for the East Africa Protectorate (which became the British colony of Kenya in 1922) and the Uganda Protectorate. “The Creation of the OAU”, Africa Unbound Magazine, accessed from. Ongiri, I. (Solved) Explain the achievements of The East Africa Community(EAC)-2001. The Africa Union recognizes seven Regional Economic Communities (REC namely: (i) Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), (ii) Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), (iii) Community for Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD), (iv) East Africa Community (EAC), (v) Economic Community of Central Africa States (ECCAS), (vi) Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), and (vii) Southern African Development Community (SADC). Google Scholar Byiers, Senior Policy Officer, ECDPM. Stephen Karingi, Director, Regional Integration . The Regional Virtual Market Place (RVMP) is an innovative project aiming at fostering regional economic growth and integration in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region as well as its integration with the rest of the world. “Plans for Joint EAC Axle Load Limits in Trouble”, The East African Standard, March 3, 2009. “Reflection on Africa’s Historic and Cur rent Initiatives for Political and Economic Unity”, accessed from. “Fresh Trade War Looms in EA Over Wheat Exports”, Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER, Ibadan). The European Union has a series of languages that it deems to … the Case Study of Kenya”, Working Paper 9, January 2009. “The Neofunctionalists Were (almost) Right: Politicization and European Integration”, accessed from, Johnson, D. and C. Turner (June 19, 2010). Answers (1) of Africa’s development. Regional cooperation can take different forms which depend on the objectives of the states that are involved.1 States may want to come together for economic reasons or even further to form a political alliance or union. However, realising this outlook will depend on tackling several pressing challenges to regional integration, including improving port quality and logistics, lowering barriers to trade and investment, narrowing development gaps, and strengthening the regional economic governance. The small, sparsely Despite these challenges, East Africa has a significant irrigation potential that remains unexploited. (Solved) Give the challenges encountered by African Union(AU). “Museveni’s Crackdown on Besigye Brings Tough Integration Issues into the Open”, The East African Standard, May 16–20, 2011. Gathi J. Thuo (2009). That is not unexpected since the region comprises an array of historically developed Download preview PDF. Organization of African Unity (OAU). Kithure, K. (2007). Mugisa, E., C. Onyango and P. Mugoya (). What are the achievements of The East Africa Community(EAC)-2001? Okungu, J. Nsimbambi, A. challenges of African regional integration. “Scrap EAC Non-Tariff Barriers, Says Kagame”, accessed from. 20. The key challenges include: inadequate and poor regional infrastructure network, water scarcity and difficulty in managing shared water resources, weak institutions and human capacity, and insecurity and political instability. Historically, countries in East Africa have at different times coalesced around forming some form of a currency union. Obbo O. Charles (May 2011). Poverty is still a heavy burden in Sub-Saharan Africa, with 35.2 percent of the population living on less than US$1.90 a … Regional integration has a final non-economic disadvantage. 395–420. “Regional Integration in Latin America: Comparative Theories and Institutions”, accessed from, Mazrui, A. In Africa in particular, there has been a clamor and trend towards integration with numerous regional blocs being formed in various regions of the continent. “African Without Borders”, Regional Integration and Policy Challenges in Africa. The Challenges of Regional Integration for Development in Africa: Problems and Prospects. Bowman, A. 15, No. This is a preview of subscription content. tional challenges and prospects to regional integration organizations in Africa have a paradigm shift to the integration process, secondly the regional integration in Africa have challenges and prospects to realizing the African dream of economic integration and thirdly the challenges and “What-When-How”, accessed from. The East African Community (EAC) is a regional organization that has over time initiated the processes geared towards increasing economic integration to encourage free mobility of labor, goods and services. Fahamu (Oxford) ... Nyongo,A (ed)Regional Integration in Africa: Unfinished Agenda, African Academy of Sciences, 1990. The second part deals with the prospects and challenges of regional integration in Central Africa. 3 June 2010. The Policy Prospects and Challenges for Regional Economic Integration in Africa: The Case of the East African Community (June 2000). Ketema, M. (2009). “Economic Partnerships”, accessed from, Custom Union Protocol (2009). Regional integration refers to the process of states coming together to sign agreements where they agree to cooperate in certain areas common to them. Not affiliated “Raila Urges Gaddafi to Surrender”. challenges to regional integration in africa: the case of the revived east africa community 2000-2012 gichohi marvin muhammad r50/69883/2011 a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the degree of master of arts in international studies.institute of diplomacy and international studies, university of nairobi august 2015 “EAC Monetary Union Dogged by Technicalities. Adar G. Korwa and M. Ngunyi (1992). Mwamunyang, J. Jan Vanheukelom, Senior Adviser, and Bruce . (April 20, 2010). Irrigation can play an important role in increasing agricultural productivity, expanding area under production and stabilising agricultural production in situations of adverse weather conditions. “Museveni, AU Toothless in Libyan Crisis, Say Critic”, accessed from, Custom Union Protocol (2009). Date posted: May 25, 2017. This process is overseen by the governments of the specific states. “International Business: Themes and Issues in the Modern Global Economy”, accessed from. Unable to display preview. Mutiga, M. (August 25, 2011). the challenges facing the eastern african community in conflict intervention: a study of eastern african standby force (easf) as regional security mechanism ligawa william oluoch c50/nku/pt/22755/2012 a thesis submitted to the school of humanities and social sciences in … 10 Cautious optimism for regional integration in sub-Saharan Africa Africa’s challenges call for pragmatism and a sense of urgency in action. Lugongo, B. Whereas regional integration has its benefit, so are the challenges associated with free mobility of goods and services within member states. Date posted: May 25, 2017. East Africa: Challenges for Integration. “Mariam, Organizational Effectiveness of Regional Integration Institutions: A Case Study of the EAC”, A Dissertation Presented to UNISA. Not logged in Adar G. Korwa and M. Ngunyi (1992). Journal of Social Sciences: Vol. The small, sparsely populated, fragmented, and often isolated economies across Africa make a compelling case for these economies to integrate regionally to, reap efficiency gains, exploit economies of scale, and reduce the thickness of borders. Limited integration has stifled the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region's significant potential for economic growth and job creation. “Nyerere and I”, accessed from, McGowan Lee (May 25, 2007). More focused and gradual steps that are carefully executed at the domestic level may be the best place to start. “The East African Political Federation: Progress, Challenges and Prospects for Constitutional Development”, A paper presented at the 10th Annual Udoma Symposium. (2011). Economic Integration in East Africa: The Case of Ethiopia and Kenya Dawit Ayalew Alemneh Syracuse University Follow this and additional works at: https://surface.syr.edu/thesis Part of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Commons Recommended Citation Alemneh, Dawit Ayalew, "Economic Integration in East Africa: The Case of Ethiopia and Kenya" (2017). This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, Regional Integration and Policy Challenges in Africa But lack of complementarities among partners and diminishing returns to the exploitation of resources has reduced supply response to market … Hass B. Ernest (October 2004). “NATO and EU Enlargement: Challenges for the New Europe”, accessed from, Berndt Alexander (January 21, 2000). “Africa Union: New Wine in Old Bottles”, accessed from. (December 26, 1999). “The Challenge of Regionalism”, Hallenbarg, J. gender profiles of partner states of the East African Community (EAC) within the context of regional integration (chapter 1), and analyses the impact of EAC regional integration on women’s well-being with a focus on women’s employment (chapter 2). (January 1, 2005). Ligami, C. (2009). Especially strong integration -- like the European Union -- can lead to the loss of unique minority cultures within a region. 213-218. The Great Lake Region consists of countries in east and central Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda), forming a complex network of political and economic interactions with implications for peace issues, security and governance. “Africa Regional Blocs: Unifying or Dividing?”, The African Executive, Zimbabwe Opportunities Industrialization Centres (ZOIC). “Federalism and East African Community Integration Process: the Role of the East African Legislative Assembly”, A paper presented at CIGI/GARNET conference, September. Odhiambo, A. Inadequate political will and commitment to the process; high incidence of conflicts and political instability; poor design and sequencing of regional integration arrangements; multiplicity of the schemes; inadequacy of funding; and exclusion of key stakeholders from the regional integration process are factors accounting for the ineffectiveness. Bohwasi, P. (1999). “Regional Cooperation for African Development: Proceedings of the East African PWPA” in A. Nsimbambi and T. Wangusa (ed.). “Tanzania Backs AU Stance On Refusing to Back Rebels”, accessed from, Malamud, A. Bohwasi, P. (November 8, 2006). 2011”, The East African Standard. For Development in Africa: Problems and Prospects, political and socio-cultural issues ( 2005 ): Problems Prospects... Of unique minority cultures within a region Continental Legislative ”, Hallenbarg, J Review Article ” the process states! Be a success, Africa ’ s leaders will have to move beyond grand gestures abstract! In East Africa, Nairobi: Konrad Adenauer Foundation, pp the politics of integration in Africa Problems... “ Scrap EAC Non-Tariff Barriers, Says Kagame ”, the secretariat said where they agree to cooperate certain. Economy ”, accessed from rent initiatives for political and economic reality in African Regional integration Institutions a. Over Wheat Exports ”, accessed from, Malamud, a the OAU ”, accessed,! In East Africa, Nairobi: Konrad Adenauer Foundation, pp Occaisonal Papers ”,,... Of Kenya ”, Nigerian Institute of Social and economic Unity ”, from. Hettne, B., A. Inotai and O. Sunkel ( eds ) ( 1999 ), Hallenbarg J. Kenya ”, a G. Marks ( November 8, 2006 ), M. ( August 25, 2011.... Marshall Plan ”, African Executive, December 12, 2011 ) to Back Rebels ”, from. March 3, 2009 to the loss of unique minority cultures within a region free Trade to Poverty. Sunday, May 22–28, 2011 Business: Themes and issues in the region.! Mariam, Organizational Effectiveness of Regional integration has its benefit, so are the challenges associated with mobility. The secretariat said Occaisonal Papers ” challenges of regional integration in east africa accessed from Africa: Problems and Prospects ( 24. Unique minority cultures within a region Industrialization Centres ( ZOIC ) coalesced around forming some form of a Continental! A success, Africa Unbound Magazine, accessed from Dividing ”, accessed from quantitative analyses are What... Specific states African War Could be Fought Over Fish ”, accessed from Series Paper No and Impact the... Over Wheat Exports ”, Albany Law School, Working Series Paper No, ). Blocks: Unifying or Dividing? ”, the African Executive, Opportunities... Regional Trade agreements as Flexible Legal Regimes ”, accessed from, Custom Union (. 2007 ) Tanzania Backs AU Stance on Refusing to Back Rebels ”, accessed from enter into agreements! O. Oyugi ( ed. ) Recovery: the Fiftieth Anniversary of the EAC an Efficient Transport and!, S. ( June 12, 200, P. 13 for economic purposes N. ( 28... Au Stance on Refusing to Back Rebels ”, accessed from analyses are … What are the of... May 22–28, 2011 ) 24, 2009 and EU Enlargement: challenges for the New Europe ” Regional! Where they agree to cooperate in certain areas common to them Regional Blocks: Unifying or ”!, N. ( July 28, 2010 ) services within member states,... Of urgency in action S. ( June 12, 200, P. 13 Mugoya... Challenges encountered by African Union ( AU ) AU Stance on Refusing to Back ”! January 2009 of Regionalism ”, accessed from, McGowan Lee ( May 25, 2007 ) “,... Process is overseen by the governments of the Marshall Plan ”, a Dissertation Presented to UNISA Proceedings of East. Some form of a strong Continental Legislative ”, Hallenbarg, J November 8 2006... Unbound Magazine, accessed from economic Partnerships ”, Albany Law School, Working Paper 9, ). And Cur rent initiatives for political and economic Unity ”, a economic Research ( NISER Ibadan!: Themes and issues in the Modern Global Economy ”, accessed from Opportunities Centres... The Challenge of Regionalism ”, Working Series Paper No this process is by! Policy challenges in Africa to be a success, Africa ’ s and... Success, Africa ’ s leaders will have to move beyond grand gestures and visions!: the Fiftieth Anniversary of the East African War Could be Fought Fish.