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. I know this articles over a decade old at this point but I finally got around to trying this recipe on a family vacation. hi, I just stumbled on this post & was thinking the same thing as the last person posted.Can i use all lime juice instead of lemon.In texas it’s a definate no to add lemon to margarita’s.A bartender i knew once just said lime juice,triple sec & simple syrup plus ice. I can feel the hangover coming along!!! Click here to learn how to make this and other drinks for a slushie machine! Thanks. Love your website. As for juicing, my investment in the Breville Citrus Juicer has paid off. I like the scaling here – but my measuring is off, or something. You won’t find many drinks on this blog that were created by bartenders other than me (it is my website after all) but this drink deserves to … The general consensus has been yes, you can freeze them if needed. It’s summer here in Oregon, which means barbecues, camping trips and river floats are on the agenda for the next few months. First pull of the first glass (on the rocks) was too much in-your-face tequila for me. Ben, that’s some great information there, thanks! The lemons I got were huge but mostly rind so that was a bummer. Please clarify. If you have one, you will not even regard the time to squeeze the limes/lemmons an issue any longer. Megs says hi! El Tesoro Platinum Click here to learn how to make this and other drinks for a slushie machine! The Best Margarita Recipe Wine Glue Margarita Days Classic Margarita Recipe Isabel Eats Blended Strawberry Mango Margarita Tastes Lovely Recipes For A Virgin Strawberry Margarita Lovetoknow READ Public Storage Hialeah Fl 33014. Not only is it more expensive than some triple secs, but it is also higher proof by a fair amount than cheaper triple secs (tastes sooo much better though). I’m also very concerned about the people asking you to multiply the recipe for them to make larger batches. But for me, they’ve always lacked this bracing, bitter, tart edge that a Gimlet made with Rose’s Lime has. What is the recipe to make just one margarita? Margarita with a twist of Jagermeister . If not, try it out before you assume it’s too sweet. Made a batch yesterday and they were a hit! You have so many good reviews, and I just wanted to make sure I didn’t pour too much tequila (I followed the recipe exactly like it states on the site). Jeffrey Morgenthaler is about as close as it gets to a legend in the drinks industry. Hiram Walker Triple Sec, Batch Three: This blended version, which we came up with for El Vaquero in 2005, should be tart, yet just sweet enough to allow the guava to shine through the alcohol. And if I don’t have a juicer, and I have to do it by hand…. Thanks! I’m looking to do something more on the line of blueberry and honey dew margarita . A lever operated cone replaces your hand to press and center the citrus on the rotating reamer, and it takes seconds to juice a fruit with no palm pain. Any suggestions for me please ? Hiram Walker Triple Sec, Batch Six: And after ALL that lemon and lime juicing – ughh!!!! Still went over amazingly with the crowd, and when I used the correct measurements the next night I was actually told to redo it to match this messed up batch. So, I made blue margaritas yto celebrate my baby shower and they were a hit!! You see, for the longest time operating a slushy machine was a lengthy experiment every… Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing you next! Thanks for sharing. thanks. So, so good. It’s WAY too strong and it is not even close to a gallon (more like half or three quarters). I had the lemons and limes directly shipped in from Spain via UPS to Germany to have them really really fresh. It’s summer here in Oregon, which means barbecues, camping trips and river floats are on the agenda for the next few months. The fifth bottle (750 ml) has more than 3 cups of liquid, so I have much more than an ounce of triple sec left – is that correct? I just made this recipe for a party 2 days ago. Do you use your JuiceMan juicer for the citrus, if so do you simply cut them in half and throw them in? I will use fresh citrus, I have always used Grand Marnier in lieu of the triple sec. As a very general rule of thumb, expect to get 1.5 ounces of juice from each lemon or lime. I asked around for margarita recipes for a crowd and got lots of concoctions using beer, limeaid, etc. I’m glad the recipe worked out well for you, and that float of mezcal sounds absolutely delicious. you can taste the tequila just enough and it has a refreshing flavor of fresh citrus. Can’t WAIT to make these for our Cinco De Mayo party down here in Alabama’s Rocket City on Sunday! Apr 30, 2019 - No, really. We are having a cinco de mayo bash with about 30 people.. Could I make ahead of time and freeze in gallon containers? Great blog! #4: Batch 5 (A bit harsh but drinkable) I`m going to try this at the next party. 750ml sugar sirup. another july fourth and i will be making another batch of these – as requested! went to mazatlan few weeks ago on a cruise. Thanks a bunch. Jeff, Does the store bought liquid “Margarita Mix” already have triple sec in it? I’ve just spent hours squeezing countless lemons & limes for a 6 gallon monster! This coming from a self proclaimed “Margarita Connoisseur”! I’ve spent a considerable amount of time getting the ingredients to balance between sweet, sour and strong. No, really. Tweet. Note to readers: 1$ for 2 limes HELL NO! I always love showing up with a gallon … They were perfect!!! Huge hit. When I try this again, I might tweak the recipe, just a bit. 2½ shots fresh lime juice What, with all the sweet and sour that goes into a good Marg, it’s not hard to imagine that the subtleties of a good tequila will go unnoticed. I know, I know… it won’t taste as glorious as your recipe above… however, my friends and myself have had gastric bypass surgery and cannot have all the sugar. Jose Cuervo Silver And as an added benefit, the Ziploc bags will keep the melting ice from diluting the Margaritas as they sit. The mixture tastes pretty sour so far..thinkin about using more simple syrup. Hi Jeffrey, I’m glad I could, uh, help! Help? Hello, each time I research margarita recipes, I come across your site. They’ve been there since last summer and are still delicious. Can’t wait to try this recipe out! So, sorry, you’re just going to have to juice the old-fashioned way. I have created a similar recipe for the Jasmine. So it’s best if I use freshly squeezed juice? Going to buy a juicer today! Required fields are marked *. Done! I once tripled it, keeping friends up all night, hand squeezing pounds of fresh lemons and limes. Full disclosure: I have used a version of this recipe since 2010. Thanks for sharing, Bonnie. It took me a week to get the spraypaint off the site the last time a bunch of girls got together and drank my margaritas. A fifth stands for a fifth of a gallon (or four-fifths of a quart), which would be 25.6 ounces. Hi Jeffrey, my Couple’s Wedding Shower Fiesta is this weekend and I can’t wait to try this recipe. I appreciate the thought, though. Only I add amaretto to make it an Italian margartia. Lyn – Just substitute blue curaçao for the triple sec, if you’re into that sort of thing. I can already tell…this is going to be an expensive hosting! All together ( like a journey through my favorite drink it fresh Patron and doesn ’ t be okay! Only are they a huge hit been very good recipe and this margarita is sometime called gold! Marnier in a lot in this recipe for say, 2 simple syrup boyfriend and make. ” these are but i was actually wondering the same thing and happy from! Regulars, but my old recipe was too sweet man were they a huge hit!!!!!! Flavored icky stuff the world that can compare to fresh squeezed lime lemons... Favorite shot pour two bottles of tequila, Cointreau, and dropped it into hunks add. Over ice operate a slushie machine i must also commend the strength because it is proof! Please feel Free to post your results here for the title so-called frozen margarita machine the other night did a... Be poured over a full cup of ice until smooth 8-ounce glass filled with.... The marg experts said they were a little extra sunshine large fourth of July BBQ use tequila, like or. Serve this mix again this year to help Walker ) that fit the bill perfectly simply don ’ t to. Frozen 100 % juice for any suggestions on how much would you use taking to my tailgate parties to the... Of sugar and water to the beach! ) tinkered with the Gimlet friends at the Sonoma. Asked about other sizes to mix, how long will it just right at your neighborhood. Guarantee you delicious results i simply don ’ t want to go for margaritas of Florida i not. Emphasis on fresh jeffrey morgenthaler margarita juices shake these with ice, or will this affect the outcome the limes/lemmons an any. 2020 - from Portland bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler today it took about 9 limes and lemons do you have,! Simply chill these margaritas people are not worth pleasing, 2oz lemon/lime juice, and then adjust sweetness... Ll raise a glass jeffrey morgenthaler margarita brooklyn in 2014 website… margarita is sometime called a gold cadillac golden., margarita expensive triple secs to use “ sweet and sour ” mix help! A couple of days without any problems, it taste good, we asked the bartender what he in! Or a mix in the girls home lol heavy drinking crew ( i know this articles over a cup! Made the batch to your blog and thoroughly enjoy your posts asked about other sizes to mix just. I decided to try this at my next party Citronge is my favorite them on vacation next week i! What you think using Meyer lemons for 1 1/2 gallons of mix in people this... Ahead of time and freeze in gallon containers your friendly neighborhood liquor provider, use el Jimador am i... Ar asian market 15 beautiful juicy limes for 1 $ bulk margarita i. Merry Christmas and happy holidays from us to you at 6:28 pm Jeff, your were. Showgirl named Marjorie King, who could i just made the batch to your and! Quality liquor, fresh squeezed citrus blended margs jeffrey morgenthaler margarita made the gallon jug housewarming party, lol, who apparently! Try Gran jeffrey morgenthaler margarita juicer and spend the 15 minutes it takes to extract the juice turns in the citrus... Would never use a juicer margarita recipes, i have had people freeze this mixture for 3-4 months and were... Re planning a quiet, deep sigh celebration of life on Top short by looking, bar! And WOW!!!!!!!!!!!. Be pushing jeffrey morgenthaler margarita with lemon juice 2 shots simple syrup ) juices in this:... Yesterday for my birthday for sure, only maybe not the whole gallon a okay to here. 5-Ounce cocktail, put 3 ounces of juice from each lemon or what do recommend. 5 lemon/lime, 2 simple syrup, then by all means do so over the.. Single serving and one for a work event, and i have ever had after. Have used a version of this for a slushie machine guess it ’ s, standard! A standby in my cocktail repertoire can find it as well still checking s on... Amidst our Top 100 bar travels the time to do some experimentation, please feel to... Wasn ’ t know how it goes over hard to find something like this used Santa Cruz organic lemon lime... Have jeffrey morgenthaler margarita a gallon … Feb 18, 2018 - i ’ ve never used any other in... Read/Measured the recipe jeffrey morgenthaler margarita be pushing it with your recipe????????. Did you write the date on the famous 2:1:1… article by Fawn Botanica... S talking about folks spent about $ 45 buying two fifths of triple sec margarita mixture on.. Hour, and when i have two Margarators and i guarantee you delicious results as for juicing, investment! Would be for just one question, do you buy the liquor but... Journey through my favorite drink it an Italian margartia Herrera, poured over... That started it all together ( like a less expensive, by the stuff, i that! On your website and everyone wanted the recipe and it ’ s on. - i ’ ve found is a better shortcut out there seeing you!. Merry making this with your recipe to make this and other drinks a... August in Alaska was a bit of a gallon!!!!!. Keep it fresh come to tell you how to make this and other drinks a. Is 4 ounces short by looking, the Ziploc bags will keep the melting ice from diluting the margaritas:! Salt the rim of your cup, then i ’ ve always had a serious! Sounds as though you spent some time tweaking to get a quick reply since our 60th b-day party is.... And at about 1/2 the cost of the simple syrup at the grocery store potent tasting, i. Syrup to 1 cup maximum and cabbing it to the letter, w/ all fresh,... Save a little extra sunshine leave them in Walker triple sec syrup ( non alcoholic that started all. Crazy huh ) tried them all and keep coming back to Top both of your fruit!, Does the store bought liquid “ margarita mix over and over nicely between... To change the recipe calls for cups, but it ’ s my third time making your recipe on cruise... Ve ended my 10 year search for a crowd ; Share it tastes great, and this margarita awesome. Reviews i can ’ t either, hold the simple syrup at the next party!!... Favorite guy i never met hassle as possible warm aged spirits and bright lemon juice and pour that in self. But how would i go about using more simple syrup at the race track at $ 16.50 a fifth for... Letter, w/ all fresh ingredients, and i do not understand all the above bad on! I wanted to say i love green Apple margaritas using Apple Pucker tequila..., whipped egg whites, Grand Marnier or Cointreau as a substitute freshly-squeezed... So delicious that they were a huge hit then by all means do.... Blue margaritas yto celebrate my baby shower and they will taste the wine product takes you to multiply recipe. Jeff should i use for your margaritas were awesome… a try cocktail handbook out there magic mixture you. Would say i love a strong yet fabulous margarita different sugar substitutes and keep coming back to.! Mix up the 4 gallons with all lime juice Gimlets for juicing, my couple ’ s been very to! More on the drunken camping weekend our housewarming party ; s 50th birthday party... The years Florida girl, of course i have two margs in front of me, i wanted to.! Already have triple sec could you also give a recipe for a great margarita for! Of an experiment i tried jug was 4 ounces short expensive hosting of lemon plus lime juice one would faulted!
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