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Both the plug-in diffuser and sprays are natural and pH neutral, meaning they can be used directly onto your pets’ coat, bedding and soft furnishings. Will the color disappear after some time? It’s recommended to use it until the end of the 1 Month Program (once daily for 7 days, then 1 pipette at the beginning of week 3 and 1 pipette at the beginning of week 4). How did it work out? These messages (scientifically called pheromones), released in the mammary zone, are naturally appeasing and and ensure harmony between the kittens. In normal conditions of use, it is difficult to see any change in the vial over the first week of use. It is used to clear the mind and relieve intellectual fatigue, while giving clarity and mental strength. If your cat licks it, this could be dangerous and cause internal problems. Small amounts of ingested products are safe for all pets, but the product should not be used directly on food as a general rule. Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! I wasn’t aware of this product until noe and have been using the Feliway and cannot be without it or Mari becomes unmaneageably aggressive to her little sisters. And I do plan on getting the plugins. Feliway spray is a feline facial pheromone analogue. Thank you for summarizing the current research. Most of the cats will benefit from a permanent use of FELIWAY Classic to create a happy environment in your home. My 8 year old American Golden just ate cooked chicken bones! it actually calms me too when i spray it in my room. Usage with open windows and doors may result in diffusion at a faster rate. Feliway mimics a cat’s F3 facial pheromones, which cats deposit when they rub their cheeks against surfaces, marking the areas as being safe, Hunthausen says. Is there anywhere you shouldn’t spray/put Pet Remedy? Very soon after they started using it, their dog became ill. She was wondering if there's a connection. Because cat and dog pheromones do not require absorption into the bloodstream nor metabolism by the animal to have an effect, they are very safe for animals of any age, regardless of state of health, and are safe to use with any other medication that an animal may be receiving, says Dr. Tynes. Pictured with me are my Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg. Yes, the pheromones in each product are species-specific; the feline facial pheromone (Feliway ®) will affect only cats and the dog appeasing pheromone (Adaptil ®) will affect only dogs. Many owners notice their pets behaving differently when the family prepare to go on holiday such as acting withdrawn. While diffusing essential oils is popular, do your health practices conflict with the health of your pet? Yes. Feliway claim the diffuser should last 30 days before you need to use a refill. Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. The smell tells the cat she is in a safe place. However, she is terribly treat motivated so she has learned the nail trimming process is a routine occurrence followed by super yummy treats afterwards. There also seems to be a more general relaxant effect, so that the plant is suitable in the treatment of nervousness and excitability. Using feline natural appeasing messages, FELIWAY FRIENDS helps your cats live in harmony and avoids tensions, conflicts and fighting. Your email address will not be published. The Feliway plugin is safe to use and there are no known harmful effects on cats, people or other pets. Cats communicate through natural messages released in the air: “happy messages” (scientifically called pheromones). Read the Ragdoll cat breed description as well as links to a lot of Ragdoll... Cat poop stuck in fur is not a natural problem for cats. Then, apply weekly to continue developping into a lasting habit. There is no minimum age for using Feliway ®. If your dog is … This has mostly been observed during the first days of use of the product, and no more during the next weeks. Will it have any effect on my dog? i know other people that said it worked great. Also, the are no longer going to be selling the Feliway formula to Comfort Zone – so those difussers will eventually no longer have Feliway. It lasts longer, covers a larger area and is more cost-effective than other leading products on the market. It is also a flavoring agent in beverages, sorbets, and other foodstuff. That means that it is a man-made version of the substance your cat deposits when she rubs her cheek on your leg or furniture. FELIWAY FRIENDS sends “harmony messages” to cats and restores harmony between cats living together. I know the product works well on a variety of species of pets – including horses, dogs, etc. Other products on the market are spirit based, meaning that they cannot be used directly on the pet or yourself. Well, according to Amazon (not sure where you buy your Feliway), Feliway Starter Kit Diffuser is $24.92 for 48ml and Pet Remedy Diffuser is $20.99 for 40ml. However, if splashed on a fabric material, this would need a more specific cleaning (washing machine if possible or use of a cleaning product), as the colorant will have been absorbed by the fabric.This is the reason why we advise on our insert to place down the scratching post on a sink or a newspaper before applying. Feliway is a synthetic product identical to natural cat facial pheromones. When comfortable and happy, cats mark their territory as familiar by rubbing their face against corners, furniture, people, or other cats at home. December 29, 2015 at 4:48 pm. After the mother gives birth, she sends “harmony messages” to her kittens. Our Diffusers complies with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), European Norms (EN) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL ) required standards. In order to maximise it’s life make sure you don’t plug it in near any air conditioning vents or open windows. What Is Feliway? Pet Reemdy is a natural product, whereas other leading products are synthetic pheromone products. Mother dogs communicate with their puppies through natural messages released in the air. CEVA Animal Health C23830C Feliway Starter Kit Diffuser, 48ml $24.92, Comfort Zone Feliway Multicat Diffuser and Refill for Cat Calming $22.89, Hi and thanks Jenny for the great research and info. Slight variations will occur depending on air turnover.To make sure your diffuser is working properly, check that:- the wick is not broken- the device is turned on all the time (sometimes an electrical outlet is controlled by a wall switch)- finally, try the device in a different electrical socket. only cats can sense it and does not affect humans and dogs ; Cons . Using these “comforting messages”, ADAPTIL helps puppies and dogs to feel reassured and relaxed in situations that may cause fear or anxiety. This is the reason why it needs to be reapplied daily for the first days, to repeat the message to the cat. About how long does it take from you spraying it to them stopping their fight? A lot of cat owners start to see results within the first 7 days with their cat. Someone mentioned in a review that if you put the diffusser under something, it will leave a residue? When comfortable and happy, cats mark their territory as familiar by rubbing their face against corners, furniture, people, or other cats at home. This Feliway formulation is available in a diffuser or a spray. This is particularly effective on small animals who don’t like having things sprayed directly at them, or to use around the head area. Pheromones are species specific, so it has no effect on humans, dogs, or other animals. So leave the diffuser on 24 hours a day. By doing that, they release a message. Holidays are great fun for the family however they can sometimes be difficult for your beloved pet. FELIWAY products have been used by more than 11 million cats. Pet Remedy is a blend of essential oils Valerian, Vetiver, Sweet Basil, and sage, which are all safe on all pets, at home and in the environment. We recommend to replace diffusers after 6 months. Paralyzed chihuahua My Dog Was Lost For 2 days and i found him 12-11-10 at 4pm curled up in a ball... (9882 views) Good appetite in blind deaf cat. After I posted this post on our Facebook page, I reached out to Pet Remedy with a few questions about the differences between Pet Remedy and Feliway – both products that come in difussers that are supposed to help kitties calm down. Is it a few minutes? This has not been reported in our field trials. Hallways: Cats spend very little of their time in hallways, so the efficacy would be weaker.If conflict between cats frequently occurs in a hallway, distribution of the cats’ resources should also be reconsidered within the home, to make sure each cat has an easy and free access to litter box, food and water bowl, resting area, without being potentially blocked by another cat. This is the first study to evaluate the effects of pheromone products Feliway FriendsTM and AdaptilTM on cat-dog interactions, in homes where owners perceived the potential for improvement in the relationship between their cat and dog. 60 ($32.30/Count) They just get a little too aggressive at times, they are both alpha cats… little shits. If this rising air is blocked (e.g. Depending on how long the tension between cats has been present and how severe the conflict may be, it may take longer to see effects. The minimum recommended duration is one month. Apply FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY daily during the first week to help reinforce the message to the cat and give good scratching habits. i guess it has something to do with the cats and how strong their distaste is for each other.. hahaha. It is completely safe to be used on all pets skin and fur though. All of the natural ingredients used in Pet Remedy are considered safe, and are not on the toxic list of ingredients. Essential oils for cats should be highly diluted, Pet Remedy uses low doses of all of these oils, and these particular natural ingredients are also safe and nontoxic to cats. In any case, there is no risk linked to the oral absorption of a minimal quantity of product after licking it. That’s how efficacy is proven in clinical trials with continuous use of the diffuser (24 hours a day) allowing the cat to constantly perceive the reassuring messages. i spray it in the morning when 2 of my boys start fighting with each other and they will calm down. Have you used either one? All FELIWAY products are completely safe for cats. Are these essential oils safe for cats? If you have asthma that is normally bothered by perfume-like plugins then the feliway plugin may have the same effect. When plugged into an outlet, the diffuser will get slightly warm, indicating it is working properly. The consensus from experts is to use caution when diffusing EOs around pets, and pet-proof the space, or make it inaccessible. Then they climb on the bed together or just go their separate ways. How to use Feliway spray for best results. The product may not last the full expected 30 days. i really like the pet remedy that comes in the little brown bottle (don’t know if it’s related to this pet remedy). Why is my cat licking the product on the scratching post? Refills shelf life is 36 months (expiration date on the packaging). They like to feel in control of their territory. under a shelf, table, furniture) the oil may re-condense and leave a visible mark.) Both products are vet-recommended, clinically-proven, and safe to use. Wow - very interesting! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Last Updated on February 19, 2020. Kittens are able to perceive “FELIWAY  messages” released in the environment and respond accordingly. Kittens are able to perceive pheromones in the environment and respond accordingly. Valerian is well known for its sedative qualities and its ability to relax the central nervous system and the smooth muscle groups. If someone, for example, were to put Pet Remedy over a cat’s food area and the difusser were to leak into the food – could the cat safely ingest the product? The diffuser contains a heating element that diffuses the product, so is designed to be warm to the touch. If the cat spends most of their time in the room with the aquarium, we recommend using an outlet as far from the aquarium as possible. Well, according to Amazon (not sure where you buy your Feliway), Feliway Starter Kit Diffuser is $24.92 for 48ml and Pet Remedy Diffuser is $20.99 for 40ml. Many cat owners start to see results within the first 7 days with their cats. Using the feliway seemed to help her feel more relaxed and improved her appetite. This substance is a signal that cats use to mark objects in their "territory". Unfamiliar situations: Helpful for dog's that are wary of anxious in new situations or around new people. no fights! I also won some PetRemedy in one of your giveaways and used it a few times to try and relax Miss PSB during the nail trimming process (hubby does all the nail trimming for her). FELIWAY is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, This is the pheromone that cats leave naturally when they feel safe and secure in their environment. Some posts on this blog contain affiliate links which generate commission if you purchase anything starting with those links. It is considered a safe oil and is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Cats communicate through natural messages released in the air: “happy messages” (scientifically called pheromones). We share the latest posts, giveaways and reviews so you can understand your cat better. The blue taint of the product fades progressively after its application on the scratching post. Thank you for sharing, Patricia. In order to mimic the visual marks (lacerations) of cat scratches. I've never used Feliway to reduce stress or spraying, but I've had great success using it to prevent scratching (Despite the countless scratching surfaces in my house, occasionally my cats like to dig into the textured upholstery on the back of my sofa. i haven’t used the feliway but my sister did with her cats before and she said it didn’t work for her two that would get into fights. We recommend using FELIWAY FRIENDS for at least 1 month. DON’T plug the diffuser  under any furniture or object protruding from the wall (minimum clear distance above diffuser = 1,20 m). These “comforting messages” provide a strong signal of security and comfort to dogs of all ages. Depending on how long the signs have been present and how severe the signs may be, it may take longer to see effects. But as for any in-home diffuser, If you are using FELIWAY Classic or FELIWAY Friends Diffuser, as a precaution, we recommend plugging in the diffuser in a room that does not have an aquarium. Uniting Ragdoll Cat Lovers Worldwide Since 2008. I had a senior kitty with a lot of health issues. Other leading products on the market are not suitable to do this, as should not be used on the skin. When present in the environment, these “happy messages” provide reassurance to the cats.When modern life conflicts with their natural needs, cats don’t feel completely comfortable.They do not release these “happy messages” anymore and show signs like urine spraying, scratching and hiding.FELIWAY Classic sends “happy messages” to cats and makes them completely feel good at home.Using feline natural reassuring messages, FELIWAY helps your cat happily adjust to pace of modern life, restores full happiness and avoids signs like urine spraying, scratching and hiding, FELIWAY Classic spray bottles are made of recyclable plastic material, Once a bottle is started, it can be used until the expiration date marked on the bottle. The calming sprays (200ml or 15ml) can be sprayed on yourself, your pet, their coat or in your pets’ general daily environment. i’ve sprayed it on my bed and in their beds and it lasted about an hour. I believe the brown bottle remedy you are referring to is Bach’s Rescue Remedy. 45 ($16.45/Count) Being cross species you won’t need to buy one calming product for each pet, unlike other leading products where there is 1 product per species. Do you know if the cost is comparable to Feliway? Pet Remedy works alongside the brains’ natural ‘messengers’ called neurotransmitters, which work by telling the nerve receiving the message either to calm (via GABA pathway) or get ‘fired up’. Some cats may look very aroused. Pet Remedy also works immediately, unlike other products which you need to plug in weeks in advance to have an effect. 48ml £25.00 Add to basket. Not sure which forum to put this in, so sorry mods if you need to move it! i give that to my bully cat and he calms right down and stays that way for hours. Pet Remedy has been tested by vets and behaviourists. FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY sends “territory messages” to cats and encourages kitten or newly adopted cats to scratch where you prefer, like on a scratching post. Pet Remedy is a natural and pH neutral product, meaning they can be used directly onto your pets’ coat, bedding and soft furnishings. Seven percent of UK households are estimated to own both a cat and a dog, despite a popular view that the two do not live well together. The oily vapour (carrying FELIWAY “messages”) rises in a column of warm air above the diffuser. By doing that, they release a message. Feliway Spray. Cats are territorial by nature. Dog Appeasing Pheromone Is Feliway for Dogs . Pet Remedy is a proprietary blend of essential oils (valarian, vetivert, sweet basil and sage). The plastic materials used are self-extinguishing (V2 grade).When the diffuser is used continuously, we recommend to change it every 6 months for the best results. Essential oils are used in flavorings, perfumes, and aromatherapy. The minimum recommended duration is one month. No. The refills are made of recyclable plastic material (PET). They have their own way of telling other cats “this is mine”! How to check proper function of the Diffuser? Stress Free Summer with Adaptil and Feliway. © 2008 - 2021 All Rights Reserved. This is due to the presence of catnip in the product. Here’s the short answer: Feliway may help, but it doesn’t have the 9 out of 10 success rate the package promises.. After years of accepting Feliway as a tried-and-true solution for feline stress and anxiety, I finally decided to sit down and do the research for myself. However, every cat is unique. Other leading products are not safe to be used on the pet or yourself as they are spirit based. I had good results with feliway plug ins years ago. Basil oil is a good tonic for the treatment of nervous disorders and stress related headaches, migraines and allergies. Before you treat an area with Feliway spray, take your pets and children out of the room. Feliway ® can be used alongside traditional medications. Don't unplug or switch off the diffuser at night. Feliway è un prodotto di terapia con feromoni pensato per placare i gatti. If there are signs of disease consult your veterinary surgeon. How is Pet Remedy different than Feliway? FELIWAY is completely safe for dogs. ♥️, …and maybe have the Feliway as a backup =). A cat marks his environment with these pheromones when he is feeling safe and the presence of these pheromones in a cat's environment will help him feel secure and he won’t feel the need to mark the territory by urinating in the house or scratching furniture. So they are only perceived by other cats, not by people. Also, Feliway is being sold on Amazon now and Petsmart – not exclusively through vets anymore. FELIWAY “messages” are specific to cats. Floppycats also accepts private sponsorships and participates as an affiliate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. it’s only funny because i know you love them dearly. Enter your details below to get it. So they are only perceived by other cats, not by dogs. Silver Vine Sticks for Cats – Is Silver Vine Safe for Cats? Essential oils for cats need to be therapeutic grade essential oil, which Pet Remedy is, the dilution of Pet Reemdy also makes it safe for use in cats. Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Cat Losing Hair Around Neck, Not Getting Along, Kitten Peeing Outside of Box. Use 1 diffuser for an area up to 70m². Are the Feliway ® Diffusers safe? FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY is clinically proven to teach your kitten or your newly adopted cat where to scratch. 48ml Price Cut - Save 15%; £21.25 was £25.00; Add to basket. Zanipro Dog Calming Drops - UK Made 100% Natural - Nervous System Safe - Aids All Pets - Daily Calmer And Anxiety Relief Supplement (30ml) ... Amazon's Choice for "feliway for dogs" FELIWAY Classic 20ml Spray, comforts cats and helps solve behavioural issues in the home and on the move - … Pet Remedy comes in the form of a plug-in diffuser and sprays. So Feliway is $0.519/ml and Pet Remedy is $0.524/ml. Use several diffusers for a large home, or for  a multi-floor home, In 24 hours, the  Diffuser will be fully functional and FELIWAY will spread in your home.For situations that can be anticipated, you should plug in the Diffuser 2-3 days in advance. Lauren. Not only does the product’s directions say NOT to do this, but putting a substance, either alcohol-based or oil-based onto the fur, skin, or around the orifice of your cat could be asking for some trouble if the product is not meant to be put on the cat. It didn’t make a difference the few times I tried it. Feliway ® is not a veterinary medicine. Yes Feliway Diffusers are safe, I have 3 of them in my house and have used them for years without problems. FELIWAY “messages” are specific to cats. FELIWAY “messages” are specific to cats. Check out these high-sided litter boxes that are on the market for high spr... Pet Remedy vs Feliway Pet Relaxants – A Pet Remedy Perspective, One reader mentioned that she likes to spray Pet Remedy on her hands and then pet her cats. Fit a doorway with a baby gate that has a hole the cat can fit through, but your dog … Most of the cats living together will benefit from a permanent use of FELIWAY Friends to ensure harmony in your home. i like the scent of it but i know other people that don’t. When your cat rubs her cheeks on an object, a behavior called bunting, she is rubbing this pheromone on the object.It's your cat's way of saying, 'this is mine, this is my space, I feel safe here.' I guess when the Comfort Zone becomes no longer available, will check out the Pet Remedy and pray it works the same! Learn how your comment data is processed. There was no odor and the purpose I used it for was satisfactory. So Feliway is $0.519/ml and Pet Remedy is $0.524/ml. More info can be found here. Also have the Bach’s Rescue remedy for times when she goes somewhere on vacation and we need to treat her separation anxiety. Feliway spray is ineffective when applied to the cat’s body. It’s pretty great. Your cat is probably awake and active at night! To avoid potential spillage on fabrics, furniture or carpets, place down your scratching post on a sink or a newspaper as a precaution, and slowly apply the liquid product by drawing 2 or 3 lines on the post that will mimic the natural lacerations left by cats on a scratching post. One reader mentioned that she likes to spray Pet Remedy on her hands and then pet her cats  – is that safe? Using feline natural territorial messages, FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY is a simple way to prevent your cat’s inappropriate scratching in the home. We recommend FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser to make your kitty more comfortable when introducing a dog! There is no minimum age for using FELIWAY Classic . I hope we all utilize this community to make a better life for our cats and make some great friendships along the way as well. The therapeutic properties of sage oil are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue, febrifuge, and hypertensive. 75% of newly adopted cats use the post treated after 15 minutes; 87% after 7 days. the spray doesn’t last that long.. maybe an hour. Thanks for letting us know about alternative products. Feliway ® is designed specifically for cats, is non-sedative and has no effect on people or any other animals. Separation anxiety: Can help to calm dogs that show signs of anxiety when left home alone. Some caged birds are known to have sensitive respiratory systems (in particular Psittacines: parrots, budgerigar, etc.). In times of stress or anxiety the nerves get over stimulated, which leads on to the many symptoms we see in our stressed pets. For example, taking your cat to the vet. Floppycats™ | Uniting Ragdoll Cat Lovers Worldwide Since 2008. This is only a precaution to avoid oily, diffused active ingredients settling on the surface of the water. It was awful. That was 10 years ago. I call it the catitude adjustment. It helps to fortify a generally debilitated nervous system. Even though Feliway spray is not toxic to animals or humans, never spray Feliway directly onto your cat or another pet or person. We recommend using FELIWAY CLASSIC for at least 1 month. In fact, I’d highly recommend against it. Classic Feliway is an exact replication of the familiarization facial pheromone in cats. Pet Remedy is a natural calming product which works across all pets. It’s no more visible on cardboard scratching posts after a few days and remains as light blue on rope scratching posts. Feliway spray is handy to have as you can use it on the go. Also, Feliway is being sold on Amazon now and … <3. Be careful to plug the diffuser away from the air-conditioner, vents, cold air returns, or exhaust fan. I’ve read about how air fresheners (plug in ones) that use essential oils can be dangerous for cats – how do you know yours in safe? i haven’t sued the plug ins but i would definitely. However, there is no smell or odor produced by the feliway plugin. Quick view Adaptil 30 Day Refill Stress Reducing Pheromone for Dogs and Puppies. So they are only perceived by other cats, not by dogs. But aren’t specific essential oils OK for certain species and not for others? Feliway spray is 90% ethanol alcohol. Cat's essential needs: scratching is a must! Is Feliway safe for people? Therefore, if you are using FELIWAY Classic or FELIWAY Friends Diffuser, as a precaution, we recommend plugging in the diffuser in a different room. Great post, Jenny! One diffuser can cover about 700 square feet of open space in your home, and it's great to put them in areas where your cat spends the most time and in areas where inappropriate behavior is occurring. Thanks for the great interview Jenny. The colorant is dark blue to be easily visible from far by the cat and attract him to the post (and then promote the detection of the “territory messages”). Feliway is designed to mimic cat facial pheromones. They scratch in visible places and leave marks and “territory messages”, coming from their paws. PLese help me! However, every cat is unique. You may leave a comment about the post, reply to existing comments, or both. The pheromone may reduce scratching and some types of spraying. What kitty problems were you having that caused you to want to use one or the other? Esiste anche un equivalente di Feliway per i cani: il Feromone appagante per cani che calma i cani e smette di disturbare comportamenti come abbaiare, lamentarsi, sporcare casa e strappare oggetti in casa. No issues were observed during trials and extensive consumer surveys. So just a head’s up to be aware of what the box says =) since it works so well for Ms. Mariposa! Adaptil Starter Pack Diffuser Unit and 30 Day Refill for Dogs and Puppies. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other (Ragdoll) cat lovers around the world. Calming Collar for Dogs with Appeasing Effect - Dog Anxiety Relief - Anti-Anxiety Collar with Long-Lasting Calming Effect for Dogs of All Sizes (26 inches) 3.7 out of 5 stars 1,086 $16.45 $ 16 .
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