can wear gemstone for debilitated planet

This article envisages providing consistent principles which would help the Jyotishas and laymen to select the right gemstones. Mr. Poddar, I love this selection of information that you are offering. please clarify ,if moon is debiltated in rasi and attains vargottam status should gemstone be recommended to strenthen the moon.Similarily if rahu and ketu become vargottam should they be also strenthened.It would be kind of you if u can e-mail me at In debilitated sign, the planet is weak […] So in order, to reduce the effect of a debilitated moon or stabilise it, one needs to wear pearl. Related Gemstone will maximize the effects of those particular planets in your life. Did Ashwatthama question Kauravas about Draupadi’s vastrabharan? Burmese rubies are considered the finest. She is my love, but we don’t have a match as per our horoscopes (15.5/36). Wearing Gomed is instead extremely detrimental. when rashi placement of any star is considered. Currently going to through Saade Saati. When it comes to making your Jupiter strong, the Yellow Sapphire gemstone plays a very important role. Thanks. Buy a Natural, Sattvik Yellow Sapphire Can Taurus Ascendant/Vrishabha Rashi wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Jupiter is not an important planet for this ascendant. If Bhakut matches in kundli matching, can other points be ignored? PS: YOU CAN CONTACT US FOR BUYING AUTHENTIC GEMSTONES WITH GOVERNMENT LAB (GJEPC) CERTIFICATE, SHANI MAHADASHA (SATURN MAHADASHA)-All you need to know, THE ROOT OF ALL PROBLEMS-THE TWIN DEVILS – EGO AND GREED, A CHALLENGE & REMEDY FOR MY READERS-CLEANING TEMPLES AND KARMA, STOP – FOR THE SAKE OF GOD…AND SNAKES AND DOGS… REMEDIES YOU ARE DOING WRONG, The Curse of Cancer-And the Cure of it-Part 2-The Cancer Woman, CURSE OF CANCER-AND THE CURE OF IT-PART 1, RAMA, KRISHNA, AND THE PRISON OF SATURN (A PHILOSOPHICAL REMEDY FOR SATURN), KARWACHAUTH: CELEBRATING FOOLISHNESS-SINCE MEDIAEVAL TIMES, THE ART OF DYING: Vanaprastha, Sanyaas and Santhra, EXOTIC LIES AND MENTAL VIDEOTAPES : THE FRAUD CALLED PAST LIFE REGRESSION, DOORS OF HELL-2 TOUGHEST MONTHS YOU CAN GO THROUGH, DECODING DESTINY: FREE WILL LUCK AND KARMA-EXPLAINED EASILY, HOUSE OF SHANI – YOUR BATTLEFIELD IN LIFE. Just as the best of saints lose their merits by bad company, similarly, an imperfect/inferior or incompatible gemstone can ruin the beneficence of other good gems. Saturday. It means if you wear the Gemstone of a benefic planet according to your horoscope, you will gain more benefits from that planet, but if you wear the Gemstone of a malefic planet you may be in trouble as you have increase the power of your enemy planet. Cats Eye Stone is the Gemstone for Ketu Planet. help in decreasing the negative aspects in a birth horoscope and increasing the free will and enriching the quality of life? It is usually a good idea to strengthen weak planet in order to improve unbalanced situation. Mars helps in taking the first initiative to do anything.. That means the first step in life you take with the help of Martian energy. It is very important to wear a Gemstone in the right finger. Emerald Gemstone: Emerald gemstone compares to the planet Mercury, which is a promising planet wear this stone to get favor with affection, insight and great well-being.. The ring should be placed in front of the silver engraved yantra on the white cloth on which the yantra is written with white sandalwood paste. Ruby is considered a hot gem by nature. Which solar system planets do Rahu and Ketu represent in Vedic astrology? Since ruby is a hot stone, do not wear it without consulting an expert astrologer as it can affect you negatively. Why should wear gem stone/lucky stone? Hello Truth Seeker: Greetings to you, yours and all that is around you, Thank you for your question on my feed at Quora. Sanjay Rath, my Guru for helping me advancing in my Jyotish Studies. Wearing this auspicious gemstone strengthens the position of the Sun in the birth chart of an individual and abate the malicious effects of the Sun.
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