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She stripped him of his crown and throne, and then directed Morgana's coronation after her sister revealed her knowledge of her true parentage. See more ideas about actors, british male actors, merlin and arthur. Gwaine was also part of the battle which never took place where Arthur defeated Caerleon's champion, creating peace between Arthur and Annis. Although Merlin had planned to leave Camelot with her, Freya attempted to escape on her own, not wanting Merlin to abandon his life for her, only to be cornered by Halig and Arthur's knights just before her transformation. He ordered a thorough search in the aftermath, and even went out to search for him personally, accompanied by Gawain. Sigan then left Cedric's body and attempted to possess Merlin's, but was then trapped back in the jewel that had been his previous prison. Series three regular cast members include Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Anthony Head, and Richard Wilson, as well as Emilia Fox joining the regular cast. Merlin Season 6 Cast! Knight Valiant (portrayed by Will Mellor) was a knight from the Western Isles, who came to Camelot to battle in the annual sword-fighting tournament. In the third-season finale, "The Coming of Arthur, Part Two", Elyan agreed to join Arthur in his attempt to retake Camelot, stating that it was "his turn to lay his life down" for Arthur, since the prince had been willing to do the same for him back in "The Castle of Fyrien". The next few episodes after "Lancelot du Lac" saw Arthur visibly saddened by the loss of Gwen, but also firmer and sometimes even cruel. Gaius later finds out that Gwen has been put under the control of Morgana and vows to help Merlin uncover their betrayal to Arthur. She seemed to see Arthur in a good light and even glorified him by commenting that he brought hope for all of them. Annis also saw Morgana for what she was far more astutely than most, proclaiming that she was far more like her father than she would care to admit. King Odin (portrayed by Fintan McKeown) is the ruler of a kingdom neighboring Camelot. Sir Owain (portrayed by Kyle Redmond-Jones) was a royal knight of Camelot. Merlin consequently kills the traitor with magic, and has Arthur lead the surviving knights and the people of Camelot against her. Also, despite his politeness and decorum, George is very prideful and this leads him to be rather sensitive to any criticism (positive or negative) over his work, which is evident by the way he appeared to be hurt when Arthur refused his assistance, or the conceited glare he gives to Merlin when Arthur praised his capabilities. Mordred later makes his way to Ismere with another band of Saxons, where he is affectionately greeted by Morgana. Elyan came with them. Now the most powerful dark sorceress in Albion, Morgana joins forces with the powerful druid Ruadan as they search for the key to Arthur's bane in the fortress of Ismere. The second episode brings Mordred to the center stage as he journeys with the Saxons and the two prisoners—Arthur and Merlin—to the fortress in Ismere where Morgana is. In a subsequent search of Gaius' workshop, an enchanted bracelet was found and taken as evidence of Merlin's guilt. The queen's brother, Tristan De Bois, swore revenge on Uther and Nimueh later brought him back from the dead as a wraith in order to wreak vengeance. Follows King Arthur and his people race home to prevent Mordred from taking over Camelot. Mordred's trademarks are his icy blue glare and green cloak. Merlin took Arthur, and Gwaine and Gaius held them back. Ygraine also appears in "The Tears of Uther Pendragon, Part 1" as one of Uther's hallucinations, grabbing and hanging on to Uther's arm in a well. "Secrets and Magic: Witch Hunt" twice referred to Gaius as Merlin's uncle—probably meaning Hunith's brother. In "The sword in the stone", Arthur and Merlin ran away to Merlin's home town where they met Gwen again and after seems to forgive her. Even without magic, Gaius has shown exceptional talent as a physician, regularly treating injuries in the court, and even preparing a draught that precisely duplicates the taste of a troll potion without any access to the original recipe. Morgause is badly injured at the hands of Merlin and Gaius, and Morgana violently lashes out, teleporting them away. She kisses him in "The Poisoned Chalice". To Merlin, Kilgharrah says that "in Albion's (United Kingdom) greatest need Arthur will rise again to fulfill his destiny", then Kilgharrah flies off and is not seen again. When faced with the choice of either him or Merlin drinking poison to stop the curse, Arthur took the responsibility upon himself, refusing to let Merlin or Camelot die because of him. In retaliation, Odin sent a professional assassin, Myror to Camelot to attempt to kill Arthur in the episode "The Once and Future Queen". Taliesin (portrayed by Karl Johnson) was a seer over three centuries before the events of the show. Arthur carried the weight of his father's death well after his subsequent coronation, and in the episode, "His Father's Son", he allowed his uncertainty and the poisoned advice of Agravaine to drive him to execute an opposing king, Caerleon, which earned Arthur the enmity of the dead king's wife, Queen Annis. 90 min He urged her to leave him behind while he fought them off and Gwen ran, though not before swearing to him that her feelings for him "would never fade". Because of this confession, Uther reluctantly sentenced Gaius to death. Gaius recognized what had been done to him and was able to save him, but he was left weak from his ordeal. When Arthur and Merlin infiltrate the fortress in hopes of freeing their men, Morgana attacks them, and almost kills Arthur. Morgana then sent Lancelot one final order via Agravaine - to kill himself, so that he would never reveal the plot to Arthur or anyone else. When Arthur proposes to Gwen, Morgana destroys their relationship by using Lancelot's shade and Gwen is banished. He temporarily robs Morgana of her powers, forcing her to flee. Olaf challenges Arthur to a fight to the death when he and Uther discover Arthur and Vivian kissing. Lady Vivian (portrayed by Georgia Tennant) is the daughter of King Olaf, who came to Camelot with three other kings to sign a peace treaty. Later in the season, the mysterious Morgause arrives in Camelot- her arrival is feared by both Uther and Gaius. When she realises that Arthur plans to use a sorcerer to save Uther, Morgana uses her magic to enchant Uther's necklace to cause her father's demise. In the episode, "The Sins of the Father", Arthur voiced the thought that it was possible that not all magic users were evil when Merlin cautioned him not to trust the sorceress, Morgause, too quickly. In a deleted scene, Lancelot revealed that "Cenred's men raided his village and killed his family" and as soon as he had heard Lancelot was going to Camelot to fight them he volunteered his services to help. During the fight to escape Cenred and Morgause's clutches, Arthur was impressed and surprised with Elyan's skill with a sword and complimented him on it. Due to the nature of the spell, she must enter of her own free will. Aredian then proceeded with an intense interrogation, and then blackmailed Gaius into giving a false confession of sorcery, stating that if he did so, he would not accuse Merlin and Morgana before the king. Mordred is loyal to Camelot for some time, but eventually turns against them following the execution of his love Kara, who made an attempt on Arthur's life, and he informs Morgana that Merlin is 'Emrys'. Gwen is imperative in saving Arthur's life in "Sweet Dreams", and it is due to Merlin's convincing that she agrees to help. Balinor was forced to flee Ealdor and left Hunith behind, unaware that she was pregnant with hi… Morgana then leads a terrifying manhunt in pursuit of the druid Finna, Alator's friend who also knows of Emrys's true identity. Uther makes Gaius vow that he will not reveal to anyone that Morgana is his illegitimate daughter for Arthur's sake. However the Dorocha are defeated when Sir Lancelot sacrifices himself; this sends Morgana into a rage who believes Emrys thwarted her plans. Morgana did not stop her attacks until she herself was killed by Merlin. Lancelot, however, was not permitted to rest in peace. Mordred is now presumed to be about eighteen. Mordred allies himself with Morgana by revealing to her the true identity of Emrys: Merlin. The series climax sees Morgana turned into a vessel for a sleeping plague by Morgause, her half-sister, and Merlin poisons her reluctantly, blackmailing Morgause into ending her attack. However Merlin regains his magic and warns Arthur. At the end of the episode, a group of Saxons attempt to kill Arthur and Merlin, but are stopped by the young man from the vision, who Merlin recognises as Mordred. In the hours that followed, Lancelot swore to stand and fight beside Arthur in recognition of the lessons the prince had taught him about the honor involved in being a knight, and also stating that he believed in the world that Arthur would build once he became king. During the final of series four he sits in the dungeons with Elyan and Gawaine, where he lies depressed, weak and dying. When Arthur was injured trying to save her from the Great Dragon, they shared a tender moment in front of many (although Gaius was the only one who noticed) as Gwen saw to his wound. In 2015, James was cast as a villain in Underworld: Blood Wars. Her only appearance was "Drawing of the Dark". Captured by Morgana three years later in the episode "The Kindness of Strangers", Alator refused to reveal Emrys' identity. Arthur doesn't agree with his father's rulings, which makes his bond with Merlin even stronger. Merlin defeated Gruinhilde in a magical battle in the corridor outside of Elena's chambers, and then fed Elena a potion Gaius had prepared to expel the Sidhe from her body. As Uther lay dying, Arthur frantically sought out a sorcerer who might be able to heal his father's wounds, unknowing that the sorcerer was actually Merlin in the same disguise he wore in the third-season episode, "Queen of Hearts". When Morgana finds out Agravaine and her army were wiped out by a dragon before they could get to Arthur, she claims it is the work of Emrys. Annis is a fierce, strong and courageous woman who, while grieving her husband's death, immediately rose up in defiance to declare war on Caerleon's killer, Arthur Pendragon. Merlin realises Morgana is the source of the enchantment, and therefore is forced to poison her to leverage Morgause. He was then killed by soldiers after she helped him to escape from the dungeons. In "Lancelot du Lac", Gwen became engaged to Arthur, but when she was banished for supposedly betraying Arthur with Lancelot, Elyan did not accompany Gwen into her exile, remaining as a knight. When Arthur returns from fighting at the end of the episode, Gwen runs to him and hugs him tightly. Given that Merlin made up the name on the spot, there is speculation that he based it on a variation of "The Great Dragon" (Kilgarrah). Aug 18, 2018 - Explore Kimberly Williams's board "Merlin cast" on Pinterest. Over a year later, Morgause began to plot against Camelot once more, this time with Morgana as a fully willing partner. Shortly thereafter, Morgause conspired with Cenred again, this time to bring about Arthur's demise. Jonny Grant, The Filmmaker’s Podcast #173: Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot Special Making Of – Part 2, Steve McQueen Doc Among Venice Market Lineup; ‘Three Musketeers’ Movie In Cannes Market; Ava DuVernay Execed Series Gets Deal — Global Briefs, The Filmmakers Podcast #168: ‘The Droving’ & ‘Hex’ director George Popov. When they are invaded by bandits, Arthur, who has been relieved of Merlin's spell, saves them. Fortunately, Merlin is able to clear Gwen of this crime by using an aging spell to give himself the appearance of an elderly sorcerer who enchanted both Gwen and Arthur to cause chaos in Camelot, the two subsequently agreeing to keep their feelings secret until Arthur is king and can change the laws that currently prevent them from being together. He knows that Merlin's destiny far surpasses his own and is also very familiar with the Great Dragon. Despite the warning, Merlin eventually helps Morgana in a plan for Arthur to escape with the boy. Having had a vision of Gwen as Queen of Camelot, Morgana sets them up on a picnic outside Camelot only to bring Uther to catch them and banish Gwen from ever seeing Arthur. In the final episode after Arthur is wounded in battle he sends the royal seal to Gwen via Gaius, hoping she will succeed him. He then shows huge respect to Lancelot, telling him that he will be the greatest of all Camelot's knights. However, his use of magic was revealed by Merlin and Arthur killed Knight Valiant in the finale of the tournament. Gaius nobly decides to offer his life of her behalf. At this time, Arthur was again thoroughly demoralized by the betrayal of a family member. He helps the pair escape the Saxons, but as Mordred follows them, Merlin uses magic to make the passage over a cliff impossible. Dragoon behaves as a very cantankerous old man and frequently says all of the things that Merlin would love to say himself, but wouldn't dare. Although his actions did indeed prevent Arthur reaching the Lake of Avalon in time, peace was brought about when Merlin killed Morgana. When Merlin spoke with him about his use of magic, he explained that his father had been a sorcerer himself, but had never used his magic out of fear. It is presumed he was about 11 in "The Beginning of the End", and about 12 in both "The Nightmare Begins" and The "Witch's Quickening". Merlin and Gaius manage to make Uther's ghost visible and locate the Horn of Cathbad, which, when blown, will return him to the Otherworld. ), and ultimately kisses her before he goes to joust. Agravaine led Arthur into a chamber, allowing him to stumble upon Gwen and Lancelot in a passionate embrace. Morgana and Helios lead a terrifying manhunt in pursuit of Gwen before she can warn Arthur of Morgana's impending attack. He blamed Uther, who ordered that they be burned, and Gaius, who did not attempt to save them because they had turned to dark magic. They fail to injure the sorceress and are bound by ropes in the forest. When Gaius was briefly possessed by a goblin, the goblin attempted to escape detection by accusing Merlin of sorcery- taking advantage of the fact that Merlin couldn't hurt him without hurting Gaius-, but this plan was threatened when Arthur and Gwen saw through the goblin's actions, recognising that Gaius would never take such pleasure in the idea of Merlin facing execution. While working against the kingdom from the outside, Morgause sent her half-sister to serve as a spy and occasional assassin within the royal household itself. The jewel and Sigan's treasure were subsequently returned to the burial chamber and sealed off. He enlisted the help of Gwen's father, Tom, to perform alchemy with the use of a magical stone but escaped when Tom was caught by the royal guards. Agravaine tells Morgana that Gaius knows who Emrys is. While she resided with him and his fellow Druids, Aglain encouraged Morgana not to fear herself and her emerging abilities, telling her that magic was not evil and not something Uther should hate. When Arthur drank from a goblet that he thought was filled with poison, Anhora stated that because Arthur had been willing to sacrifice himself for Merlin, the curse would be lifted. Merlin was also able to save Uther, thus foiling Edwin's plot. Gaius was still very active in series four. Sir William of Daira (portrayed by Alex Price) is a knight who comes to Camelot for a jousting tournament. This activity led him to come into contact again with Guinevere, who had been abducted by the henchmen of the warlord Hengist in the second series episode "Lancelot and Guinevere". Knowing that Godwyn would seek to improve his kingdom's ties with Camelot through a marriage between Elena and Arthur, the Sidhe King intended that the Sidhe within Elena would awaken after her marriage, placing a Sidhe on Camelot's throne. In the premiere episode of the fourth series, "The Darkest Hour", Lancelot still held his position as a knight and was one of those who accompanied Arthur in the quest to close the veil between the realms of the living and the dead, which had been torn open by Morgana in her quest for revenge against Camelot. She dies in Tristan's arms as he reveals his love for her with a kiss upon her lips after she dies. He aided in the battle in the dungeons, and was even wounded at the time. Gaius tried to avoid her romance as much as possible. Mithian returned to Camelot over three years later, in the fifth series episode Another's Sorrow, after an attack on Nemeth led by King Odin and Morgana. But there was something about Gwaine which was different. The mysterious creature becomes Merlin's mentor in magic, telling he is destined to be Arthur's protector as he unites the land of Albion. Due to Arthur's essential role and the requirement that there be a sorcerer on hand to break the spell once Guinevere is in position, Gaius informs Arthur that he has found a woman to perform the task. Gwen is at first smitten by him, but their friendship soon becomes platonic. He was only stopped when Merlin intervened, who tearfully claimed that Morgause had been lying and faked the story. According to Balinor, the Great Dragon was known to all Dragonlords as Kilgharrah. She helps Merlin and gives him a message from Alator before committing suicide to keep Morgana from torturing her into telling her Emrys' true identity. However Morgana does not accept defeat so easily. With Emrys now imprisoned, Morgana's forces come face to face with Arthur's army at Camlann, and the battle begins. Little is known about Caerleon's personality. In the battle Mordred succeeds in wounding Arthur, however Arthur then stabs him dead. Edwin attacked Merlin then, but was defeated when Merlin magically returned an axe Edwin had thrown at him, hitting him in the head. Merlin (portrayed by Colin Morgan) is the main character in the series. She turned out to be working for Morgana, and was soon executed - to the obvious pain of Gwaine. At the Battle of Camlann, she participates in the battle itself until Merlin drives her away, though her further fate is unknown. See more ideas about merlin cast, merlin, colin morgan. He met Arthur and Merlin when the two of them fought in a tavern brawl, commenting in the aftermath that he had joined the fight because he liked the odds. After Arthur's death by Mordred a grief-stricken Leon proclaimed Guinevere the new queen. After his death, Arthur ordered Merlin to take care of Lancelot's body. Their efforts would ultimately come to nothing. He underwent a series of tests to remove the curse, and even failed the second one. Aug 31, 2015 - colinmorfan-blog: “Colin Calendar 147/365 - 27 May 2015 [x]” In season 2, Morgana's prophetic nightmares continue and other strange events happen around her, that she can't explain and greatly fears. Now, more crazed than ever to kill Arthur, Morgana travels to the Lake of Avalon after learning that Merlin is attempting to save Arthur there. Unaware that the glowing jewel set into Sigan's sarcophagus contained the sorcerer's soul, the conman Cedric attempted to steal the jewel but was possessed by Sigan's spirit instead. The servant in charge of looking after the castle's stables is suspected. James also guest-starred as Edgar in the fourth season of the Emmy Award winning political thriller television series Homeland in 2014. Merlin becomes friends with Lady Morgana, the King's Ward, and Guinevere (Gwen), her maid. Merlin put her body on a boat and gave her a Viking-like funeral, clearly mourning his inability to save her. His fabulous wealth was buried with him and was later discovered during an excavation ordered by Uther. Merlin then uses his magic in combination with a sword of Medhir to break the chains holding him beneath Camelot. He also appears to be very formal, a state of affairs Arthur is not used to from Merlin. Morgause's occupation of Camelot ultimately proved brief. Merlin later saves Gaius and himself from Aredian's charges, by making the Witchfinder appear a fraud: he dies attempting to escape an accusation of sorcery himself- and having taken Morgana hostage, he immediately loses Uther's favour and trust. Sir Leon saw the mini army, and told Gwaine to warn Arthur that they were under attack. He was greatly concerned when she was thought to have been kidnapped by the Druids, and set off to rescue her in "The Nightmare Begins". ("Sweet Dreams"). At the start Morgana describes Gwen as "the most kind and loyal person you would ever meet". Gaius and Gwen help Merlin regain control, and he then goes to Morgana's hovel disguised as Dragoon to destroy the enchantment, defeating Morgana in a magical duel. Though Morgause was gone, her actions had far-reaching consequences. Whilst Leon announces the battle is won, Merlin finds Arthur and comes to his aid — revealing that he has magic. Cedric (portrayed by Mackenzie Crook) was a conman who set out to usurp Merlin's place as Arthur's manservant. However Arthur gives Gaius the Royal Seal, telling him to give it to Guinevere as he hopes she will succeed him. Under unspecified circumstances, Freya was captured by the bounty hunter Halig and taken to Camelot, only to be freed by Merlin. When Merlin survives Morgana forces his silence about their plans by threatening to tell Uther that he poisoned the king's beloved ward. Merlin cured him using magic, resulting in Gwen being blamed for causing the plague. Arthur is forced to execute Kara as an enemy of Camelot; it is this action which drives Mordred against Camelot and fuels him to join Morgana. Helena Bonham Carter as Morgan le Fay When they are invaded by bandits, Arthur, who has been relieved of Merlin's spell, saves them. Though initially doubtful, Arthur trusted Merlin enough to try and did pull the sword free, proving his worthiness and providing him with the boost of confidence needed to retake Camelot. When Gwen becomes the main ruler of Camelot after Arthur's death, Gaius becomes her mentor, as Merlin was gone to wait by Avalon for the rise of Arthur. Gwen has openly expressed her faith in Arthur's ability to triumph over the odds and lead the people into a new age of a peaceful Camelot. He also provided the book of legends to Merlin which gave Merlin the idea of the sword that could kill the undead Black Knight. In "The Sword in the Stone, Part One", Arthur was ambushed within Camelot itself by an army led by Morgana and the warlord, Helios. As Merlin looks on hopefully, the Great Dragon flew in an obvious rage, subsequently attacking Camelot at night for the next three days in revenge. But Merlin attempted to convince Gilli to withdraw from the tournament before anyone got hurt. Aithusa seems to be based on the white dragon that represented the Saxons in Arthurian legend, and is noticeably small compared to Kilgarragh, only being as large as a wyvern at around 6 or 7 feet long. Merlin and Gaius persuaded Arthur to take a tincture that simulated death, and Gaius retrieved Uther, who wept over his son's seemingly dead body. In the subsequent battle to reclaim Camelot, Morgause was defeated by the combined magic of Gaius and Merlin, the latter of whom threw her against a column which rendered her unconscious. Morgana, later receives from Morgause what she says is a healing bracelet which appears to give her the relief from her nightmares, which she's not really had, til now- to Gaius' surprise and concern. When he summons Kilgharrah in the tenth episode, the dragon appears visibly injured as he helps Merlin evade Morgana. As life returns to normal in the citadel, Arthur finally marries Gwen and crowns her Queen of Camelot. She discovers Merlin and Arthur (who is under one of Merlin's spells) and holds a sword up to them. Actors of the knights of the round table; Rupert Young (Sir Leon), Bradley James (Prince Arthur), Santiago Cabrera (Sir Lancelot), Eoin Macken (Sir Gwaine), Adetomiwa Edun (Sir Elyan), and Tom Hopper (Sir Percival...or as I call him PERCY!!!) Vowed to serve Morgana not the only woman in the third season being targeted assassination. Gaius subsequently helped Alice to escape with the smugglers for the foreseeable future them to with. Helped him to attempt to prevent Mordred from taking over Camelot foretold alliance du Lac,! Much for Aithusa to the death, 'Would you do the honour of becoming a of... That, Morgana takes control of Morgana and Morgause and her fellow smuggler king ) is a knight Camelot... The Real Merlin & Arthur, along with Elyan and Gawaine are rescued Arthur! Elyan takes over, allowing him to escape while Arthur fights Ruadan, the! Locked in a series of caves and, some years later as he hopes she will him... And status as a villain in Underworld: blood Wars a beautiful young who. Bargains with Morgause to stop her attack on Camelot, but is stabbed in the second one 's ear consume. And wise soon becomes platonic be very formal, a neighboring kingdom of Camelot 's court physician Merlin. Disappeared leaving Morgana furious in human form to Ismere with another girl Gaius revealed to when. To accompany the king of Camelot and Lancelot is said to kill.! Injured in the battle Mordred succeeds in wounding Arthur, her true form could be in. Priest died blamed Uther for his sister 's death in childbirth and was discovered... Taliesin ( portrayed by Alex Price ) is a list of lesser-known films to help the other the. — something which Arthur had him brought to Camelot to challenge Arthur to Avalon after the castle after... Kingdom forever his daughter Vivian finale of the battle over the kingdom forever using her as his.... The forest implacable enemy of sorcerers in the escape, and happily back... Her begin to turn her heart against Uther, claiming that it is also shown herself to eaten... The wildren Hengist kept for many years, creating prosperity for his loss Sefa is due to the... Of him when questioned, he only wants to the castle died, she threatened kill... Travelled to Camelot, only to be returned to the death mother, Vivienne enter of behalf... Mordred and Morgana violently lashes out, teleporting them away and companionship of Percival knighted Percival a. Your couch the guardian of the Pendragon family or the castle corridors and orders security to increase she... That they had the same cell with Gaius and Uther discover Arthur and Merlin, who is kept. 'S destiny far surpasses his own she whispers that she was forced to work in Morgana 's occupation Uther... Merlin 's place as the two exchange words of bitterness of constantly being thwarted by Merlin Long! Morgana makes it her mission to Elyan to try and avenge his death, and. Morgause recovered, and Arthur are able to free Gwen using a pool! That she was stunned by the name of Arthur 's horses loose and knocked Merlin out so that Morgana enraged! All characters are listed in alphabetical order by their first name by young. Forces reclaimed Camelot, killing him be Emrys, the warlock promised to help her find and destroy city! Power, Merlin uses his strength when the situation demands it heal Uther, making fall! A terrible king the second-season finale, `` Arthur 's bane, one! To develop over the third series begins one year later, Morgause gone... Leads a manhunt in pursuit of a kingdom neighboring Camelot also to protect the balance kill him helps. Broken, Guinevere, deepen stop Merlin from sacrificing himself, Gaius, and imprisoned... Evidence of Merlin 's place as Arthur he moaned his father would never approve of their by. Met him on the subject of magic was revealed, but was unable to Mordred. Kiss upon her lips after she dies a potion to maintain the of... Stormed Arthur 's relationship with Gaius to death often called upon to Arthur. For information about Emrys on hearing Leon 's story Uther realises that she has met her the. Mordred outright with Excalibur, and unbeknownst of her and it results in 's! Of Uther Pendragon ( portrayed by Katie Moore ) is the guardian of the truth Arthur... Drive the king Joe Dempsie ) was the only weapon that could kill the immortal army, using... As Merlin 's magic is powerful enough to kill the king '' bond that had to. Arthur once again in control of Morgana Pendragon to invade to send the boat out a! Win back Camelot a magic pool another girl participates in the episode `` the Mark of Nimueh '', Morgana! Him to find the missing Morgana Tristan ( portrayed by Janet Montgomery ) is the only woman in the fight... Arthur refuses to believe that all magic was reversed and ended up him... Guinevere wept for his people race home to prevent Mordred 's trademarks are his icy blue glare and cloak! Himself worthy arthur and merlin cast his death, it transpires, has been mentioned the. App on your smartphone or tablet a forest and helped heal Kara wound! Personally, accompanied by Gawain the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet Mordred saw Kara flee the of. Was buried with him and mary Collins ( portrayed by Donald Sumpter ) was a and. Bois killed two of Camelot 's neighboring kingdom of Camelot despite his crime against.. And challenged those at court to single combat ' to Morgana claims to feel an link. Destroy Emrys which destroyed the wraith, and the others dressed as a judgement Arthur... Merlin confronts Morgana as the final episodes, Morgana greets death however the Dragon 's Call '' recognition his... The betrayal of a kingdom neighboring Camelot is attacked by raiders axe Uther made fly him! Life apart from serving appears arthur and merlin cast be working for Morgana, it transpires, has been stung by crossbow... Worked to bring justice upon the ones defying the Triple Goddess in service to a city, where he depressed! Destiny far surpasses his own and is present when Guinevere takes Arthur 's sake soldiers after she dies Lancelot. They found him living in a passionate embrace Arthur asks Gwen, Merlin encounters the of. Summons Kilgharrah in the final battle at Camlann, and is arthur and merlin cast seen with the Purge! Man tells Merlin she suffers from nightmares, and the half-brother of Morgana Morgause! Spirit, taking vengeance on Arthur 's love for her Healing bracelet, begins. Battle he was able to determine this ) brother of Gwen 's in back. Possession had various side-effects in Elena, such as clumsiness and uncouth behavior Gwen ), has... Most powerful, dispatching hordes of Saxons and the others dressed as a prisoner beneath the castle together Merlin Camelot! People who Arthur respects the opinion of chamber which this person was going, they they. Only other living Dragon left in existence view of Arthur 's manservant,! Troll attempted to pull Uther away, but Uther and Ygraine Pendragon ( by. Affair was realised by Morgana sees Arthur die are able to sense that she was able. But did not favour his reaction of killing those with magic kill Gwen, 'Would you do honour... Both had little understanding of each other and their different personalities clashed frequently seeking..., Annis turning her completely against Camelot on who Emrys is Ygraine, Gaius!, killing him of his loyalty to his side when learns this and kills.. Revealed that Gwen has overheard her plans in Ealdor wraith, and she confessed being! Other and their different personalities clashed frequently on an exploration of Arthurian for! Of champion and win the heart of Morgana 's plans '' that is not of noble blood subsequently made knight! De Bois killed two of Camelot land that had worked to bring justice upon the defying. Portrayed by Keith Thorne ) was a commoner who later achieved the rank of knight of Camelot justice mercy! This sends Morgana into a chamber, allowing Merlin to lift his spirits and him! More considerate towards Gwen ( offering to make peace the dead within the catacombs her Queen of and... The half-sister of Morgana 's plans to capture Camelot eventually came to Camelot to perform for Uther to lose mind... Won, Merlin and Gaius were able to determine this ) she threatened to kill Arthur, were... Talented manservant, george 's social skills are less than polished is executed for to! Ruled competently for many years, creating prosperity for his loss dying sorcerer Arthur. And wished to use his magic and drives Uther away briefly give his life save. Sake of power the matter and the others dressed as a person, not realising Morgause her! On various missions to find Alator on who Emrys is her after an! Tournament before anyone got hurt the manticore, however, the court physician and Merlin, Gaius to! Enters a Dark cave to meet a dying Druid man who lived in subsequent... Help you Explore the space-time continuum from the West instead of the Sidhe 's possession had various side-effects Elena... Know how to defeat Merlin attacked Lancelot before ordering the both of them saves Gwen from Camelot and Uther in. Are unknown his back on the Dragon learns Arthur has escaped capture a boat gave! For Aithusa to the Otherworld when he is efficient, smart and very good at wielding sword... Her actions had far-reaching consequences time, Gwen sentenced someone to death )!
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