Apple Watch Series 6 vs Watch SE vs Series 3: What's the difference? There are plenty of new features that the S6 and previous Apple Watch models will get - including Family Setup, new watch faces, and a Memoji App so you can send stickers of yourself or an octopus to others. Long gone is Force Touch as found on the Series 5, replaced by a long press. Titanium vs Stainless Steel . That's a big increase on previous models, but it's finding that spare time during your day, or opting, as we have (don't want to lose that stand goal), to mini charges when we can get it - which feels counterintuitive. “Is it worth getting” questions always depend on the asker’s preferences, priorities, and finances. Unless you're extremely particular about color matches and deep down are troubled by the mismatch of black lugs against the slightly lighter casing, there's not much to worry about, and most other people won't really notice it either. But unlike previous years the design has mostly stayed the same and the technology inside it will be invisible to many. What about durability of the colour? For Nike fans there's also a variety of Nike versions, while the fashion conscious can opt for an array of Hermès models with accompanying designer bands. With that in mind, AppleInsider compared the Graphite stainless steel Apple Watch Series 6 against its predecessor, the Space Black stainless steel Apple Watch Series 5, to see exactly how much of a change has taken place. While it's off the screen dulls but doesn't go dark completely - which is great when glancing at the time. Apple offers the 4 different finishes for the Apple 5 users and you can pick the one which suits your needs. England and Wales company registration number 5237480. Cyclists and hikers will no doubt want to use the data to see how they perform up a mountain. That's the take-away with the Apple Watch Series 6: despite those new sensors feeling like a tick-box exercise, there's still no better smartwatch on the market. Plus, with the launch of the more affordable Watch SE, Apple is effectively segregating its wearable offering. This means that they may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. Again, the tech sounds impressive, but the results and use cases are perhaps less so. Both models have cases made of stainless steel, but for the first time, Samsung has introduced a Titanium model of the Galaxy Watch 3 perhaps to compete favorably with other high-end smartwatches like GT 2 Pro made of titanium and Apple’s latest smartwatch, Watch 6. Also Read: Apple Watch 38mm Vs 42mm (2020): Which Size Should You Get. To try to resolve that issue, Apple says that it has improved charging times. Steel is an alloy made out of iron and carbon. Not exactly: the Watch Series 6 adds a couple of new features over the outgoing Watch Series 5. Though it is lighter than the Space Black, Graphite is still quite dark. The change to Graphite is also unusual as it only applies to the stainless steel model, with the titanium case still offered by Apple with a Space Black coating. There's not any real concrete data or information as to why it's needed. Integrating gold in the first Apple Watch, after all, was purely a PR move.Later Edition models launched in ceramic did offer increased scratch resistance over aluminum or stainless steel, though ceramic is still far from the ideal watchmaking material given its cost and (relative) brittleness.. Titanium is different. It complements/matches the most bands. Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 3 have a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. The new Apple Watch Series 6 is offered in a choice of three materials, but with a wide variety of colors. There’s another little caveat with the Apple Watch 6 titanium. Black lugs on a band or strap will seem much darker than the Graphite case color, which will stand out when closely examined. Along with specification changes, Apple also altered its darkest color option for the Apple Watch Series 6, switching out Space Black for Graphite. If you have altitude data you can get a much more accurate version of the ride you actually did. If you want to use a Milanese loop, I prefer (again preference) a stainless steel watch. We're still digging for information, but let's hope Apple hasn't just included it to tick a box. But, in other ways, like when clearing your notifications, it's something you'll miss (there's now a clear all button though). It's also worth noting that if you opt for the aluminium model and you're fairly active, the screen is likely to pick up scratches. Nice improvements all around. Apple has boosted the screen brightness to 500 nits, up from 200 nits, which makes seeing the screen easier - especially when outside. Well, depending on the activity you do, the additional information could either be considered as a "that's nice" moment or really useful. If you've liked the look of Watch Series 5 you'll like the look of the Watch Series 6. On top of that, you can always buff out the scratches. We don't have, and we presume you don't either, a clue whether we should be worried about having a blood oxygen level of 92 per cent one day compared to 98 per cent the next. The Series 6 model sports the same 44mm and 40mm size options - larger than the Series 3; the same as the Series 4 and Series 5 models - along with the familiar digital crown and touchscreen display combination to control everything. All rights reserved. Does graphite have DLC too or if not, how durable is it against scratches?I still use the black link bracelet from my Series 0 and it looks pretty good scratch-wise. When it's off the screen can appear as if it's still on - the only telltale sign is that many of the watch faces invert their colours to save battery life - which can be a bit distracting in dark environments. An assessment or critique of a service, product, or creative endeavour such as art, literature or a performance. Whereas the Apple Watch Series 5 was available in aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic, the Apple Watch Series 6 is available in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. The texture does help hide the disparity, but you can still tell there's a lightness change. Incoming Intel CEO demands better chips than 'lifestyle company in Cupertino', CES 2021 report, MacBook docking tips, Bluetooth problems on the AppleInsider Podcast, TSMC 'on track' for testing 3nm Apple Silicon processors in 2021, Apple TV+ review: 'Servant' is still creepy, but returns are diminishing, MagSafe return & better displays in 2021 MacBook Pro backed in new report, Apple adds warning over third-party cameras in iOS 14.4, Apple testing vapor chamber thermal tech for next-gen iPhone, Kuo says, If you put the cases together, you can tell the Graphite Apple Watch is lighter than the Space Black. Coming to Apple’s special edition watches, we have the Apple Watch Series 6 Hermès and the Apple Watch Series 6 Nike. Even so, it is still noticeably lighter in different environments, and it really demonstrates why Apple opted for Graphite instead of a name using the term "black." The Apple Watch 6 Titanium Edition starts at $799 with a Sport Loop, and can go up to $1249 if you opt for a fancy Link Bracelet. The Apple Watch 6 is available in three flavors - aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium (no ceramic option, sadly.) The problem of shade changes between generations of device isn't a massive issue, but it can be irksome. Seeing as the always-on altimeter and blood oxygen monitor are two key sensors that the Series 6 offers over the Watch SE, we had thought there'd be wider validation for their presence. We've yet to see third-party apps showcase the new data. Why is this all so important? The user interface isn't as sophisticated as Apple's, but the battery will last you a lot longer. The stainless steel and titanium models come with the much tougher sapphire glass. You might not find too much of a need for it on a 5km run, but over 50km cycle is another issue. There have been a few times where that number has been wildly off (i.e.