No doubt, it is a beautiful and amazing city. Will Smith Inspirational Speech – Pursuit of Happiness; Best Sports Motivational Speeches. Today I am here to discuss a topic with you but I don’t know where to start. You're signed out. This happiness is not caused by something I’m doing at this very moment. In our lives, we go through many problems and complications but some people gives up and some fights for their victory. Our latest collection of Inspirational Quotes About Happiness on Everyday Power Blog! The aptitude can be developed through training of the mind by constantly reminding it of the positive as­pects of life. My Life Online Workshop | Two … Goalcast Originals. There is a difference between being persistent and being adamant and you should be able to differentiate between both. In addition, future is unseen; you cannot be certain about the circumstances that are likely to occur in the future. Find interest in the field of arts, music, gardening, etc as these activities would surely energies you for new challenges at work. Another would find happiness in prayer and meditation and still others in travelling or in gossiping. If we want to be happy than there are many keys for a happy life. Explore 70+ Best Osho Quotes. share There's nothing like the joy on a kid's face when he first sees the PlayStation box containing the socks I got him for Christmas. So trust me the best thing is to stay and live in the present because only that is what can be controlled and can make you happy. It is also important that you are not stubborn or adamant about anything. We feel happiness by ourselves in two ways. Al Pacino – Any Given Sunday Speech; 21. After analyzing #’s 5, 4, 3 and 2, here’s our take on what they believe is the Greatest Speech Never Made: by Rocco Giamatteo. There are many meditation or yoga centres that give speech on happiness. Also, such a person doesn’t lose hope. Do the very best that you can with what you have NOW, while at the same time striving toward becoming an even better version of yourself than you were yesterday. First, when we do anything for ourselves that makes us happy and second is when we do something for someone else that makes others happy. 30 Healing Quotes That Will Encourage and Give You Comfort. Is this consistent with how you act? Share. Such a person strongly believes that whatever happens is for good. The long speeches on happiness that we have shared are good for using at corporate levels or wisdom centres. I think the feeling of happiness is hard to explain. The first and most important rule is to live in present. Inspirational Monday Quotes to Get Yourself Motivated for a New Week. In today’s world, everything else can be achieved but happiness. Herb Brooks – Miracle Speech; 22. Share. Spend quality time with them, go out on weekends and share your happy moments with them. Topics such as happiness in the workplace, health, wellbeing, mindfulness, mind and body are at the forefront of many of our minds. ", how would you answer? HAVE FAITH and always believe that you will achieve anything you set out to do. Thank you very much and I wish you all a great day ahead! He is always hopeful. Short Speech on “My Idea of a Happy Life” Article shared by. In my life, there have been many delighting, exciting, and cheerful moments. There are some basic rules which you must adopt if you want to stay happy and enjoy each and every moment of your life. Everybody is afraid of getting hurt or to feel pain. We should never give up in the hard times because at the time when we will achieve our success it will give us happiness. target_type: 'mix' Every building is a masterpiece; the streets are imbued with a spirit of history and classical music. I hope that you all are enjoying your day so far! Here’s a list of 5 of the best motivational speeches of all time: 1. The people who run after success or want to be successful forgets to live their lives in present but the people who lives in present or live a happy life are always successful. It comes from our hearts. We have gathered today to give farewell to the final year students of our Engineering College; post this day, you’ll get the annual leave for your final exams and then hopefully, you’ll head forward to shape your life in your respective ways. They are feeling pleasure. Dan Lok | My Hero is My Teacher. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. I am very sure that each one of you want to achieve success in your life and if I ask you, what is more important for you ‘happiness’ or ‘success’; you would probably take seconds to choose ‘success’ as more important element of your life, which is good in a way. Ray Lewis & Eric Thomas – “Beast” Motivational Speech; 24. Posted: (3 days ago) The Pursuit of Happiness. Don’t place your happiness on your success as success is a situation and happiness is one’s mental and an emotional state. Everything that we do in our life is directly or indirectly connected to happiness and it can be for ourselves or for somebody else. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. This collection of speeches on finding happiness features speakers with a diverse background of personal and professional experience. You can draw references from these happiness speeches and prepare your own speech to leave an impact on your audience. That could be a very slight change, but it will bring about a big change in your life. Well, today is your day; so enjoy it to the fullest and always be happy. Fraser Carey says: April 5, 2013 at 12:43 pm This is one of the most profound talks I have ever heard that nearly brought me to tears on a no. I am very sure that each one of you want to achieve success in your life and if I ask you, what is more important for you ‘happiness’ or … We should understand that hard work is a key to success and success is a biggest source of happiness because if there is no pain then there will be no gain. Will Smith – Pursuit of Happiness Considered one of the best motivational speeches, this famous motivational speech from the 2006 film, Pursuit of Happyness, features Will Smith and his son playing basketball. We want to show you just how energetic, fun and valuable this conference is, so here are five of our favorite speeches from previous years. Always remember that your life would always be what you make it. Although, it cannot be explained but still, it is a feeling of well being and fortunate. Each speaker included offers valuable tips and insight into living a fulfilling and pleasure-filled life, both in and outside of work. Best Motivational Sports Speech 25. Copy link. Being a literature person, I am extremely passionate about reading and pouring down my thoughts on papers. Speech recitation is very good practice to get out of hesitations of talking in front of others as well as to enhance general knowledge about various topics such as Indian cultures, traditions, heritages, historical monuments, famous places, animals, traditional festivals, importance of teachers, mothers, national events, social events, happy occasions, famous personalities, freedom fighters, legends, social issues, … There is no special plan that makes me happy. They're not feeling happiness. … Success and failure are the two sides of the same coin. I'm not saying that it's impossible to feel true happiness. David Marquet (2013): Happiness at work on a nuclear submarine An opti… If I ask you, "Is Money a Prerequisite for Happiness? Shopping. In most cases, self-serving motives dictate the path an orator travels in writing an address. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6070398767421094"; The 5 best speeches from our conference on happiness at work - Woohoo inc We want to show you just how energetic, fun and valuable this conference is, so here are five of our favorite speeches from previous years. Always remember that happiness is much more important than anything else in life. You shouldn’t be adamant to anything. There are many people in this world who do not get proper facilities like food, shelter etc but they still tries to find happiness from what they have in present. On the contrary, I'm saying that happiness is all around us. Ltd. | 2017 All Rights Reserved. But I would like to say that always remain happy with whatever you achieve and never get disheartened or hopeless even if you face failures in life. Copy link. Don’t ignore your family while you are on the path of success or career; because all these things may change someday but your family will always stay with you through thick and thin. I have come across several people, who have every possible luxury in life, great bank balance, property, etc and yet they are unhappy. Also, it is important that you pursue your passion, hobby or dream along with pursuing your career; because fulfillment of passion or hobby would certainly make you happy. Liz Earle If a person has. On this note, I would like to conclude my speech and humbly wish that you all may get happiness in life. You can stay happy even if you don’t own a big bungalow, huge car or fat bank balance, etc. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. We all want happiness, but we seldom know the actual route to attain true happiness. Today is 20th March 2017 and this event has been organized in our colony for the celebration of “International Happiness Day” and it was founded by United Nation’s advisor Jayme Illien. Always indulge into healthy competition and should never take your competition beyond a point where you start treating them as your rivals and get into any kind of enmity. Happiness is every little thing just waiting to be appreciated. (127) lejuan mcshane, November 1, 2010 11:54 PM That's so thru. So, what is happiness? With more than four years of experience in the given field, I have been able to build online reputation of my clients and supported them with content in various niches, such as travel, fashion, home decor, science and technology, to name a few. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. However, a person who is happy is always wealthy. You might have failed in the past, but the best thing is to seek lesson from those and move forward as whatever might have happened in the past cannot be changed in the present; thus there is no gain in lamenting over the past. Tap to unmute. It’s a feeling that keeps people healthy and fit. Great opening lines to a speech get us curious and can set the direction for a powerful talk. mode: 'thumbnails-rr', 20. We all should try to convert our lives from success oriented to happiness oriented because living a life without luxury but with happiness is far better than a life with luxury but no happiness. Will Smith – The Pursuit of Happiness Considered one of the best motivational speeches in film, this scene starts with Smith and his son playing basketball. The well-written 1961 speech is considered one of the best inaugural speeches ever. placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', _taboola.push({ I would like to mention that for being happy, you must be considerate towards everyone who is lower in status or earning. Even if he fails in life, he or she doesn’t blame destiny for it. Although we feel that material things or pleasures can make us happy, it is not true. This is very inappropriate behaviour of us. Happiness is everyone’s right but the way to happiness may differ from person to person. If you want to live a happy life then try to live in your present rather than ruining it by worrying about tomorrow. Happiness has many meanings like gratification, triumph, joy, amusement etc. It’s supposed to make your life more comfortable. container: 'taboola-right-rail-thumbnails', There can be situation when you may be required to deliver one of such speeches. I'm just feeling good at such a moment. • Happiness always increases when we try to share them with others. Long-term happiness is based on concepts that are not created by a single event. Happiness is a state of mind. The Secret To Real Happiness - Eye Opening Speech - YouTube. One liner tags: best man speech, friendship, happiness 79.50 % / 501 votes. For example, I’m happy at the moment because I’m grateful for the life that I have right now. So, spreading happiness among living beings is a most beautiful deed that we can do in our lives. In life, we should do something for others that could become a reason for their smile. You have to let it out. David Marquet (2013): Happiness at work on a nuclear submarine Many people have a habit of comparing themselves with others. Staying happy is everyone’s right, but it solely depends upon people as to what exactly makes them happy. Even though life poses various challenges and obstacles in life; you should always be prepared to accept and overcome those challenges, but as far as our happiness is concerned there is no secret mantra for happiness and so you must try to find out where your true happiness lies. True Happiness is something comes from deep inside. Happiness, I believe, totally depends upon what a person has. We are sharing some sample speech on happiness that would certainly help you to impress your audience. Tap to unmute. //-->. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Well you’re in luck. However, when I look back it feels as if it's just the beginning of this journey and still there's a lot more to explore through the magical world of books and reach out to a wider audience through my flair for writing. But happiness is something that can be achieved even without being successful. 556 Words 3 Pages. Always respect others and help people if they approach you. Another important thing is to stay positive in your life and you must also watch your attitude towards your competitors and should never nurture ill feelings towards them. So, the secret of happiness lies in having an aptitude for happiness. Tom Brady – Best Motivational Video To Prove Haters Wrong Rocky Motivational Speech; 23. It is important that you are flexible enough to compromise on certain things. David Marquet (2013): Happiness at work on a nuclear submarine If you weep, you weep alone”. If a person does not have wealth, he would think that happiness lies in possessing wealth. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});